Moses Sumney Is Getting Busy


Shirt and Pants by Balenciaga. Ring (worn throughout) Moses’ Own.

Moses Sumney likes his alone time. “I never have enough,” says a 28-year-old singer-songwriter. “Inject it into my goddamn veins.” Sumney’s 2017 entrance manuscript Aromanticism, a falsetto-laced electro-soul thesis on adore and loneliness, fast determined him as a vicious darling, creation his still life a lot busier. When a time came to work on his follow-up, Sumney decamped from Los Angeles to a towering city in North Carolina, where he found a waste to write græ, an ambitious, two-part manuscript that straddles genres and explores passionate fluidity, blackness, and a prick of a lover’s cold shoulder. In græ’s lead single, “Polly,” Sumney sings, “I wish to be string candy/In a mouth of many a lover/Saccharine and sharp technicolor/I’ll dissolve.” For a concomitant verse video, he simply stares into his webcam and cries. My bill Timothée Chalamet,” he calls it.

Sumney is serve widening a range of his expression. In a video for “Virile,” that he directed, styled, and choreographed, he writhes, half-naked, by a meatpacking warehouse. “There’s something to be pronounced about a masculine physique as a square of meat,” he says. “The approach we devour a physique as an image, mass consumerism, consumption, production, blah, blah, blah. That shit.” It outlines Sumney’s directorial debut, though it won’t be his last. The reliably distorted artist finds comfort in a in-between, dipping his toes in projects of each stripe. “I consider really few of us are into only one thing, right? If somewhere laced into your DNA is a ability to qualification narratives regulating opposite means and modes, we substantially should. We’re all going to end during some point. Why not get it all out?”


Shirt by Ann Demeulemeester. Pants by Junya Watanabe Man. Socks Stylist’s Own. Shoes (worn throughout) by Church’s.

“Romance is complicated, and my attribute to intrigue is impossibly complex,” says Moses Sumney. “I feel some-more or reduction regretful depending on how early a moon rises and how full it is.”


Coat by Dior Men. Pants by Ami. Hat by Disney X Gigi Burris Millinery. Belt by Artemas Quibble.

When asked where he sees himself in 20 years, Sumney, who recently expelled a strain “Me in 20 Years,” has medium goals. “I wish to have a home,” he says. “A place with a big, large couch. we wish to feel like I’ve had a opposite career of art-making. we wish to be means to demeanour behind on a portfolio of carrying done a lot of opposite forms of art with a lot of opposite forms of people. That would disturb me deeply.”


Shirt, Hat, and Foulard by Prada.

“I always go behind to Grace Jones,” Sumney says about his dream collaborators. “Mama Grace. She’s literally my mother. Who else exists? You know what, we fucks with Greta Gerwig.”

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