Microsoft Surface Duo shocker! Dual-screen Android phone to arrive early?


As tech firms around a universe advise of intensity coronavirus-induced prolongation delays, Microsoft is reportedly bucking a trend by aiming to move a Surface Duo to marketplace early.

A new news from Windows Central claims a two-screened Android phone is flattering most prepared to go, notwithstanding a organisation promotion a ‘holiday 2020’ recover window. The news cites mixed sources observant a folding device could launch “much progressing than creatively announced,” definition early adopters could be pocketing a Duo this summer.

The sources contend a hardware is most done, carrying been in growth for utterly some time. Android 10 has also been accessible for ages and all that’s left is to finalise “top-level OS customisations and in-box app practice specific to Surface Duo.”

That could be finish as shortly as April, according to a reporter’s sources. A summer release, that competence be staggered according to a sources, would give Microsoft a possibility to get a Surface Duo out there before Apple, Google and Samsung launch their latest handsets.

That would means it a event to stir those who competence customarily buy an iPhone or a Galaxy Note, for example.

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We’re already removing a satisfactory thought of what a book-like device will offer when Microsoft does lift a trigger. Earlier this week we saw a intensity to  ‘peek’ during notifications but entirely unfurling a device.

A leaked video shows a supposed animation of a UI feature, that would uncover home shade alerts on a right palm display, only by opening a device slightly. The notifications seem precipitated on a near-edge of a display, enabling users to fast boot them with a discerning appropriate if they don’t wish to entirely rivet with them.

Alongside a Surface Duo Android smartphone, Microsoft is also plotting a Surface Neo, a larger-screened chronicle of a twin shade format, this time regulating a stirring Windows 10 X handling system.

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