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Microsoft still collects Windows 10 activity information – even when we tell it not to

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Microsoft is clearly collecting Windows 10 users’ activity data, even when PC owners have specifically asked a association not to.

According to Reddit users, a underline deployed by Microsoft final year permitting users to opt out of their activity information being synced to a cloud, isn’t operative properly.

The Reddit users contend that even if they go to Settings Privacy Activity History in Windows 10 and uncheck “Let Windows synchronise my activities from this PC to a cloud” that information still appears in a online remoteness dashboard (via betanews).

Even selecting “Clear activity history” from a same desktop menu isn’t doing a trick. Logging into a online Privacy dashboard and selecting “Activity History” still shows a list of recently launched applications.

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Chris Hoffman of a How-To-Geek website says that Microsoft might not be claiming a activity information from users, though simply displaying diagnostics information. He believes Microsoft has simply named a ‘Activity History’ add-on incorrectly.

Windows 10 users usually have a options to name Full and Basic stating of evidence information to Microsoft and Settings Privacy Diagnostics Feedback. While Full reports “info about websites we crop and how we use apps and features,” Basic sends “only info about your device, it’s settings and capabilities and either it is behaving properly.”


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Microsoft introduced a online Privacy dashboard in 2017 in sequence to be some-more pure with users following mixed controversies.

As Windows arch Terry Myerson explained in a blog post during a time: “When we are sealed in with your Microsoft account, we can go to account.microsoft.com/privacy to examination and transparent information such as browsing history, hunt history, plcae activity, and Cortana’s Notebook – all in one place.

“This is a initial step in expanding a collection that give we prominence and control over your information travelling Microsoft products and services, and we will continue to supplement some-more functionality and categories of information over time.“

Unfortunately, either it be by an blunder (as Hoffman suggests), or another reduction tasteful reason, it appears that Microsoft is nonetheless to get the residence in sequence in this regard. The association is nonetheless to comment.

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