Megababe’s Instantly Sold-Out $6 Hand Sanitizer is Back in Stock


As we all hasten to get a necessities for ourselves and a desired ones, Sturino and Megababe are reminding us all to keep village in mind by tying purchases to dual of a incomparable distance and three of a smaller to safeguard that everybody can squeeze a regulation before it sells out.

The sanitizer, that contains over 60% plant-based ethanol calm (which aligns with the Center for Disease Control’s recommendation) kills 99.9% of germs and is giveaway of fake incense and toxins such as PEGs, parabens, and phthalates.

“We launched the two-ounce distance in January, and a direct has been unprecedented. Most recently, a watchful list grew to over 15,000 people,” Sturino told us. “We saw how many people wanted and indispensable some-more and worked diligently over a past few weeks to emanate more. The 16-ounce was in a works, though we changed adult a launch date so we could offer some-more people, and it’s unequivocally a ideal distance to have on palm during your house, since the two-ounce is good for on a go.”

Ahead, check out a restocked and mint Squeaky Clean Hand Sanitizer options, as good as a other favorite self-care products from Megababe.

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