Meet a iPhone SE2 and iCouch: Apple’s use gold for a pandemic


Apple is approaching to launch a new iPhone this week. Some call it a new iPhone SE or a iPhone SE2 or even a iPhone 9.

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Apple iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

The iPhone 11 Pro starts during $24.95 per month during Apple, while a iPhone 11 Pro Max starts during $41.62.

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At a commencement of final year, we even gave it a name: Diet iPhone.

Regardless of what this device is called, a specifications have been flattering good established. It’ll have a “classic” iPhone pattern imitative an iPhone 8, finish with a 4.7-inch display, Touch ID, a singular back camera, a selfie camera, and updated A-series chip internals identical to a iPhone 11.

But, many importantly, this high-performance, entry-level indication should cost $399. A sorcery series that would get business to ascent their phones in a many millions — thrusting a dagger into a heart of Samsung and other Android OEM device businesses. Nothing, presumably, would be means to contest with hardware that absolute during that cost point.

All this, of course, is formed on a arrogance that people have income to spend on a new phone, no matter how attractively priced.

A lot of iPhones, though no income to buy them

April 2020 looks zero like Apr 2019. We have millions of people in a US that have filed for stagnation due to businesses shutting down as a outcome of a COVID-19 pandemic. Many have been furloughed or mislaid their jobs entirely. 

Those folks — who could have afforded a $399 phone ascent from their dual or three-year-old device — are carrying a tough time profitable for their rent, utilities, and essential presence products such as food and other perishable and non-perishable reserve (if they can even find a things to buy since of hoarding).

So, a recover of a new low-cost iPhone, that would have been an sparkling growth a year ago, is now only nonetheless another low-key product recover from a company, such as a latest — and long-awaited refurbish — to a iPad Pro, that was announced with probably no pushing whatsoever.

However, we consider a genuine Apple product recover of 2020 is not an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, updated Apple TV or HomePod, or any other square of hardware. we consider it’s a use — or, rather, a gold of services.

Meet iCouch

With millions of people out of work — and many millions some-more cramped to their homes and operative remotely — they are regulating whatever giveaway time they have doing home-bound activities. And is there a improved approach to get constant Apple business than by removing them bending on services that tie them into a Apple ecosystem?

Apple already has a far-reaching accumulation of services that people allow to on a waste basis:


The existent portfolio of Apple services.


If we were to buy all these services a la carte, we would expected spend between $25 and $40 per month for only a services alone — not counting waste calm purchases for books and videos that could simply supplement adult to another $50 to $100, depending on your expenditure habits. This is, of course, also does not embody other subscription services we expected use, such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney, and a possess CBS All Access height if we like Star Trek. 

Your yearly check could be easy $400 to $600 a year for only Apple services alone.

Of course, not all of Apple’s services platforms are large moneymakers. It’s estimated that TV+ and News+ have really unsatisfactory numbers for altogether subscriber use and retention. So, Apple has some critical hurdles forward if it wants to coax adoption. 

Right now, with everybody stranded during home, Apple has an intensely serf audience. And a approach we design Apple to keep that patron bottom dependant to a services is by an all-you-can-eat gold that we am tentatively job iCouch.

Conceivably, this bundle, offering for as small as $100 a year, would embody entrance to all these things, including an Apple Card signup to routine a billing for reward upcharges.
I prognosticate a simple $100-a-year devise same to what Amazon does with Amazon Prime — a certain volume of built-in calm would be available, such as all in Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, and Apple Arcade, and even Apple Books (to contest with Kindle Unlimited and what is accessible to Amazon Prime members for free).

Premium upcharges could be offered, such as for aloft levels of iCloud storage (I predict a 200GB devise being standard), or for special partnership forms of one-offs for vital Hollywood film releases in iTunes that would have differently have finished adult in film theaters (all of that are sealed now). In fact, we could see an upcharge devise identical to what Regal Cinemas or AMC had for their all-you-can-view museum programs before they all sealed down during a pandemic. 

iTunes Unlimited for a infancy of Apple’s video portfolio would be a groundbreaker. 

Could Apple totally reinstate film theaters after a pestilence ends? If people get bending on a reward streaming use like this, they really good could. And while Netflix, Amazon, and HBO have some glorious content, they’d have a formidable time competing with a use like this from Apple.

Take my money! So, how do we pointer up?

If Apple is going to do a bundle, we design it shortly — as early as this month, with a introduction of a new iPhone. But if it wanted to get people hooked, we consider it should give a simple turn for giveaway to anyone for a initial year who has bought a new device in 2020. 

That includes any iPhone and iPad and Mac purchases.

I could also see Apple giving a gold divided for giveaway to Apple Card business who spend a certain volume of income per month (such as $1,000) and regulating Apple Cash rewards from Apple Card purchases toward reward upcharges — so gripping a income all within Apple’s ecosystem.

Would we allow to iCouch to get each singular Apple use bundled for a singular price? What would we be peaceful to pay? Talk Back and Let Me Know.

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