Mechatronik is restomodding a 70s Merc SL. Yes


Safe to say, we’re a tad vehement about this one. German restomodder Mechatronik has announced it is building a really special Mercedes-Benz SL. Specifically, a R/C107 era from a 70s and 80s.

Unsurprisingly, it is called ‘Project 107’. The tuner was pushed into releasing these antecedent images early forward of a full technical reveal after this year, since of “rumours carrying increasing over a past few weeks”. Thanks, rumours.

It’ll be partial of Mecha’s ‘New-Tech’ department, that is where it takes a poetic aged Mercedes-Benz (question: aren’t all aged Mercedes-Benzes lovely?) and retrofits a thing with complicated toys and apparatus to make something wonderful.

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One of those toys is of course, a engine. Mechatronik hasn’t nonetheless minute accurately what section will reside underneath a prolonged carp of a R107, though progressing New-Tech models like a M-Coupe used a 5.5-litre AMG V8, while an comparison M-SL used a 4.3-litre V8. Plenty of energy for a ol’ bruiser, then.

No doubt there’ll be work finished to a suspension, brakes, and interior, and formed on a company’s progressing cars, it’ll be an uncommonly fascinating item. “With some-more than 20 years of knowledge in a New-Tech Series,” explains Mechatronik, “we came to a end to lift the bar.”

We are excite.

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