Mastercard, Shell and Apple named 2020’s best audio brands


Sonic branding group amp has seen Mastercard tip a annual audio code rankings in 2020, while final year’s winner, McDonalds, has been knocked out of a tip five.

Shell, Apple, Google and Amazon follow Mastercard as a subsequent best behaving audio brands, with Shell a usually code from 2019’s rankings to say a position. McDonalds, Disney, Intel and Coca-Cola have all been relegated.

According to amp’s ‘Best Audio Brands Ranking 2020’ – that is built on Interbrand’s ‘Best Global Brands Index’ and quantifies audio code opening opposite a operation of criteria – Mastercard and Shell found themselves in a tip for formulating and deploying a “holistic sonic identity” that is unchanging opposite all touchpoints.

Mastercard launched a sonic temperament early final year, including a “transaction sound” that plays opposite mediums and platforms when users check out, and a possess soundtrack, grown by musicians including Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda.

“Best Audio Brands 2020 clearly shows that brands that have embraced a holistic sonic temperament are indisputably reaping a advantages that come with one,” pronounced Michele Arnese, tellurian CEO during amp.

“It is good to see how fast Mastercard has embraced a holistic sonic temperament and managed to exercise it opposite a accumulation of hold points, creation it a executive component of their multi-sensory selling strategy. Based on a Sonic DNA, this proceed offers a best change between artistic coherence and recognition, compared to a small one-melody or jingle-based approach.”

Elsewhere, Apple, Google and Amazon were applauded for a strength of their product sounds and their use of code voice and voice technologies.

Brands that scored feeble on lapse on audio investment saw their rankings fall. According to amp, these brands tended to concentration on a singular sound asset, such as a sonic trademark or jingle, and typically usually used it opposite promote media channels.

The investigate also remarkable a high decrease in a use of sonic logos altogether in 2020, with many brands that have had sonic logos for decades now regulating them reduction consistently. McDonald’s has decreased use of a “I’m Loving It’ chime from 95% to 44% in a past year.

Amp’s artistic strategist and group lead, Bjorn Thorliefsson, pronounced a singular sonic item is no longer sufficient to arise code equity as consumer touchpoints evolve.

“We competence see brands with a clever sonic trademark heritage, such as Intel or McDonald’s welcome a new holistic sonic plan relocating forward,” he said, adding that voice will also turn increasingly critical over a entrance year.

“As a proliferation of intelligent speakers and other screenless intelligent inclination continues to grow and heard calm such as podcasts is on a rise, consumer relations with brands are increasingly made by sonic experiences.

“Apple, Google and Amazon’s high positions introduce that voice contributes to bond a consumer with a code since it creates cognisance and engagement.”

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