‘Mario Kart Tour’ Is Finally on Mobile & Fans are Hype


We’ve been watchful over a year for Mario Kart to land on mobile and today, that wait is finally over. Earlier this morning Mario Kart Tour arrived on both Android (4.4 or higher) and iOS (10.0 or higher) and as we would expect, fans are super hype about it.

After some initial upkeep issues, a diversion is now live and prepared to play, providing you’ve combined a Nintendo comment — if not, conduct here to do that, stat.

Mario Kart Tour takes we around a universe and allows we debate in genuine locations in further to racing on favorite Mario Kart tracks. The diversion kicks off in New York City, that will run for dual weeks before rotating to swap locations. What’s more, players can clear characters from Super Mario Odyssey like Musician Mario and Pauline.

Install the diversion around Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store and keep scrolling to learn what fans are already observant about it below.

Don’t need a permit for ‘Mario Kart’