Mama bear, 5 cubs found in Ashton apple tree


ASHTON — The Idaho Department of Fish and Game customarily receives reports of bear sightings in eastern Idaho though Monday morning a call was a bit different.

A mom black bear was unresolved out in a tree easterly of Ashton. And she had her 5 cubs with her.

“They were captivated to a area since of apples fibbing on a ground,” Idaho Fish and Game Regional Communications Manager James Brower tells “They were tighten to houses and there were people in a area.”

Fish and Game officers, along with Idaho State Police troopers, Fremont County Sheriff deputies and Ashton Police officers, were called to a area. The boar and 4 of a cubs eventually walked divided on their possess though one was additional inspired and remained in a tree.

“We shook a tree a small and a remaining pup climbed on down on a own,” Brower says. “Bears have a flattering good clarity of smell so hopefully he or she will be means to locate on to a mother’s smell and join a group.”

Brower says all of a bears seemed to be in good health and while it’s common for a boar to have dual or 3 cubs, 5 is utterly unusual.

“That’s a vast series of cubs for sure,” he says. “Five is not genuine common, though it’s not impossible. If a mom’s physique is in super condition, they could all be hers. It’s also probable she could have picked adult a integrate of stragglers along a way.”

The bear who remained behind ran divided and finished adult climbing another tree. Officers used a poke hang to composed it, according to Brower, and they are operative to reunite a pup with a family.

If gets some-more of a “bear” facts, we’ll post an update. Sorry – we “bearly” done it by a story but an “unbearably” humorous bear pun.

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