macOS 10.15.5 causes backup problems


macOS 10.15.5 has bound some problems yet it appears it has combined others. The developer behind a backup apparatus is unhappy that a latest refurbish to macOS Catalina is causing problems for business regulating his backup tool.

Mike Bombich, a developer behind Carbon Copy Cloner – a renouned apparatus for formulating backups and bootable complement copies – says a latest Catalina refurbish to chronicle macOS 10.15.5 causes vital problems with backups.

A complement duplicate combined with an comparison chronicle of CCC is no longer bootable and does not seem to enclose any data. According to Bombich, this is due to an apparent bug in a stream chronicle of macOS. The bug had already occurred in a beta chronicle of 10.15.5 yet wasn’t addressed before to release.

The problem seems to be that in sequence for a newly combined complement duplicate to boot, a backup apparatus contingency change a supposed dwindle of a folder with a complement call chflag. However, if we wish to set a “SF_FIRMLINK” flag, this will destroy for an APFS folder underneath macOS 10.15.5. There is no blunder message, that creates it formidable to detect a error. Without this flag, that activates supposed organisation links, a complement duplicate is conjunction bootable nor does it seem to enclose a saved data.

Luckily if your backup was combined underneath an comparison chronicle of macOS will sojourn bootable.

A new beta chronicle of Carbon Copy Cloner that enables a origination of bootable copies underneath macOS 10.15.5 has already been done available. This chronicle – beta 5.1.18 – uses Apple’s ASR apparatus in a credentials instead of a backup engine formerly used. ASR is now a usually module that can emanate bootable complement copies.

For Bombich this is usually an puncture solution, given a apparatus offers fewer functions and is some-more disposed to errors than his self-developed software. Other third-party backup programs such as Super Duper might also be influenced by a problem.

The developer, who has already sensitive Apple about a error, is utterly dissapoint that such an apparent complement blunder could start in what is, after all, a fifth Catalina update. “It’s tough to find kind difference to demonstrate my feelings towards Apple right now. Suffice it to say, though, I’m intensely unhappy that Apple would deliver this kind of bug in a dot-release OS update.”

According to Bombich, Apple did not intend to deliver new restrictions for backup software, it was simply an error.

In further to introducing this bug a macOS Catalina refurbish improves battery health and fixes a Finder pile-up bug. Find out about a problems and issues with Catalina as good as a new facilities here.

This essay creatively seemed on Macwelt. Translation by Karen Haslam.