Lorde Makes a Case for Growing Out Your Hair in Quarantine


With Dua Lipa reimagining a dye-job and Miley Cyrus reaching (strategically) for a scissors, a judgment of quarantine hair might seem to meant a discerning change or thespian overhaul. But what of a studious grow-out? If your socially-distanced beauty stay is tangible by a distant quieter art of hair maintenance, health, and a slow-grow, demeanour to Lorde, who is holding this time to tend to her teeming mane.

In a new email to fans, Lorde began by observant that she missed her listeners before diving into a some-more cultured conversation. “Do we wear your hair prolonged or brief now? Did we take your piercings out? You’ll substantially be gratified to know my hair is large and prolonged again,” she wrote. “I consider after Melodrama came out we pronounced we wouldn’t put out another record until my hair was long—both since hair takes time to grow, and we knew we indispensable time, and since we knew a subsequent record would need a longest and wildest hair yet.”

The cocktail star—who also common that she’s been creation bread, planting seeds, and kicking her amicable media addiction—rounded out her suspicion by observant that, in many cultures, hair is related to energy and spirituality—and that she has never felt utterly so spiritually rich. So if your beauty guides are promulgation messages to put down a shears and deposit in a new hair mask, make like Lorde and listen up.

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