Look for This Eye Cream Ingredient, and You Won’t Even Miss Getting Botox


There’s no question that retinol is a anti-aging skincare favourite of a moment. While derms and estheticians are constantly touting a skin-smoothing, texture-refining advantages (and all though dubbing it the fountain of youth), retinol enthusiasts have expected beheld that many part labels have despotic instructions to equivocate requesting it around a eye area. What gives? Are a peepers cursed to reckless aging during a hands of excellent lines and wrinkles? Thankfully, a answer to that is no!

“Retinol can assistance forestall and provide excellent lines and wrinkles by sensitive collagen production,” says NYC-based dermatologist and Kiehl’s consulting dermatologist Meghan O’Brien. Now, this tidbit isn’t news, though it positively reaffirms that using the part around a eyes where excellent lines, crow’s-feet, and puffiness everywhere could severely delayed a arrangement of pronounced giveaways. So we only had to ask: Is retinol protected for use around a eyes? And according to O’Brien, a brief answer to that is yes! (More on that later.)

Ahead, find a derm-approved revise of a 20 best retinol eye creams, along with a answers to more of our burning questions about a anti-aging eye product—including how it stacks adult opposite Botox.

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