London Brand Creates Vegan Leather Accessories From Apple Waste and Wood


London, United Kingdom-based code Oliver Co. has launched a world’s initial vegan leather accessories done from a multiple of apple rubbish and wood. Created by 27-year-old Matt Oliver, Oliver Co. aims to turn a many tolerable accessories code on a universe but compromising on character or functionality. The company’s initial collection of vegan wallets and cardholders are combined regulating a innovative timber leather element (made from skinny sheets of timber connected to fabric regulating an environmentally accessible adhesive) and apple leather (created regulating 50-percent apple rubbish and 50-percent polyurethane). 

“Our tour of apropos a vegan code started with a regard about a environmental and reliable impact of a leather industry,” Oliver told VegNews. “At a same time, there were a series of implausible innovations in vegan bio-based materials being grown all around a world. It became an easy choice for us and one that has turn constituent to a company.” Oliver Co. is already operative on destiny collections, that embody purchase bags, pouches, and laptop cases done with apple leather.

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