Liz Beecroft is a Social Worker Changing Stigmas in Streetwear


Business of HYPE is a weekly array brought to we by HYPEBEAST Radio and hosted by jeffstaple. It’s a uncover about creatives, brand-builders, entrepreneurs and a realities behind a dreams they’ve built. This week, jeff sits down with psychotherapist and mental health disciple Liz Beecroft.

The Brooklyn formed psychotherapist, is a protected master amicable workman now focusing in encourage caring who was recently selected for  Nike’s “NYC By You” sneaker pattern contest. With a stylish Instagram that integrates fashion, shoes and mental health awareness, Liz is perplexing to mangle stigmas and emanate pure discourse for today’s youth.

With an undergrad grade from Susquehanna University and a masters from NYU, Liz’s work ranges from full time therapy and college warn to operative during predicament centers. She credits her adore of sneakers to carrying played basketball her whole life, a competition that helped her find common belligerent with her students. Utilizing Instagram as her artistic opening outward of work, Liz began building a presence, that shortly caused her to become “consumed in comparing [herself] to other influencer.” Through a assistance of a therapist she was means to see that she could compound her adore of streetwear and mental health together on her amicable platform.

“I wasn’t unequivocally pity on my amicable media platforms about what we do, and we got unequivocally consumed in comparing myself to other influencers out there. So we indeed went behind to therapy for myself and she helped me see that it’s fine to be a amicable workman and also be in to sneakers. So that’s what we started doing— merging those dual worlds.”

After an event came about by Cultivator and Nike By You, Liz was selected among 27 others to pattern a shoe, marketplace it and have it adult for sale for dual weeks. Given a Nike Air Max 270 React silhouette, she combined a immature bottom (the tone of mental health awareness), stylized with a wavy swoosh to weigh healing’s nonlinear trail alongside selected Nike-inspired ads and a launch celebration during Kinfolk to publicize her “In My Feels” shoe. Rather than holding a profit, Liz motionless to present all deduction of her partnership to a American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Currently, Liz is study for her protected clinical amicable examination and hopes to work for a NBA as a mental health professional. When she’s not bustling advocating for mental health, we can find her personification basketball for Hoop York City. She advises us that it’s essential people currently find outlets to demonstrate their emotions and that during a finish of a day it’s fine to speak about your feelings.

If we need assistance with emotions that you’re traffic with or need people to speak to, Liz recommends this: Find My Well Being, mental health journals, or a American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Additionally, feel giveaway to strike Jeff on Twitter, @jeffstaple, or around email during [email protected], and he might answer your doubt on a destiny episode.

This part facilities references to a following:

2:59 – Liz’s job
3:14 – Nike Collaboration
3:24 – What is amicable work?
6:54 – NY Foster Care
8:37 – Educational background
12:37 – Liz’s stream role
18:47 – Basketball
19:25 – Reebok Answer 3
21:07 – Susquehanna University NYU
23:15 – Instagram
23:40 – Balancing amicable work w/streetwear
30:36 – Cultivator
31:35 – Cultivator x Nike NYC By You
34:17 – Nike Air Max 270 React
35:00 – Launching her shoe
36:11 – Designing her shoe
44:53 – Kinfolk
55:13 – NBA
57:03 – Hoop York City
1:00:43 – Advice

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