Little Apple ‘Book of a Week’: Scrublands by Chris Hammer


This compulsive thriller takes place during a tallness of a Millennium drought, in a really little city called Riversend in a New South Wales Riverina area of Australia, served by a Murray river.

Martin Scarsden comes to city a year after a harmful gun crime involving a internal clergyman and 5 of a townsmen. Initially he is tasked with essay a square about a effects of a act a year on, though shortly he realises there are many some-more questions that have still to be answered.

Scarsden is plunged into a heart of a community, risking his life during a brush glow and saving a immature child in a automobile accident. At a same time, a locals start to open adult and share some really dim secrets.

The setting, a withering heat, a failing dusty city in a arm of a dusty adult stream and a surrounding riotous scrublands all elicit a furious west essence that adds to a narrative.

The miss of internet and phone signals conveniently keeps a wider universe during brook as news and information come by in a most some-more sketchy way.

Chris Hammer has found a ideal environment for his epic crime novel and paces it only right so there is always some-more to find out, a fad cranking adult with any page as a story widens out.

Philippa Morris

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