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LG G8 cost trickle suggests it will be significantly some-more costly than a G7

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The LG G8 will be significantly some-more costly than a company’s prior flagship smartphone efforts, a new trickle has suggested.

Reddit user livedadevil posted a screenshot of an purported SKU for a arriving G8, that shows that a 128GB chronicle of a handset will cost $1,199.99 CAD. That translates to roughly £700, or $900 USD.

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Over a years, LG has grown a repute for high-end specs during reasonable prices. The LG G7, for instance, had an RRP of £599 during release, with a G6 entrance in during £649.99, and a G5 costing £529.

Image Credit: XDA Developers

Though £700 compares agreeably with a £1000+ a likes of a iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max cost − a arriving Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy X are approaching to cost 4 total too − many of LG’s new smartphone releases have upheld underneath a radar, and we’ve all been awaiting LG to continue massively undercutting a rivals in sequence to drum adult consumer interest.

Prior to this leak, a word on a travel had been that a G8 would cost around £600.

And, certain enough, many of a tip comments under livedadevil’s Reddit post are jokes during LG’s expense, about how most reduction a G8 might cost a small down a line.

However, as is always a box with smartphone leaks, we’d suggest holding this gossip with a splash of salt.

The handset is approaching to demeanour roughly accurately like a G7, with a corpulent notch, and slimline front and chin above and next a rumoured 6.1-inch, 19.5:9 display.

Last week, LG reliable that a G8 will be denounced during MWC 2019 after this month.

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It also strew some light on a handset’s front-facing camera. The G8 will underline a front-facing Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera sensor, that will capacitate users to clear a G8 with a discerning indicate of their face. The ToF sensor will have AR and VR applications too. interjection to abyss sensing.

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