Krautmotors Celebrates 100 Years of Bauhaus With BMW Motorrad F 850 GS Conversion


Krautmotors has custom-built a BMW Motorrad F 850 GS in respect of a Bauhaus art propagandize movement’s 100th birthday. Staying loyal to Bauhaus’ purify lines and geometric form, a Krautmotors acclimatisation combines a slim, minimalist section and engine with admirably retro pattern features.

The conduct of Krautmotors Rolf Reick spoke on a BMW “Bauhaus 100’s” pattern and prior works that came before it, such as a origami-indebted tank bike, observant in a press recover that his “style is hopefully not to have a graphic style, though rather to emanate something defiant, rough, unprepared even. we consider my pattern is famous for not wise into a sold niche.”

The motorbike took approximately half a year to build from a belligerent up. It facilities a engine from a F 850 GS, one of BMW long-haul journey bikes, that was selected for a slim design. As a result, Reick could emanate a skeleton-like physique around a engine that facilities a custom-built tank, exhaust, forks, chair and a totally mutated an R60/6 frame, that was redesigned to anxiety Marcel Breuer‘s 1929 Lounge Chair.

You can take a demeanour during a BMW Motorrad F 850 GS Krautmotors “Bauhaus 100,” featuring a standout 19-inch slim metal-disc rims, in a gallery above.

In other news, BMW has grown an electrified Motorrad Vision DC, reinventing a 1920s design.