King Krule is releasing a new album, Man Alive!


King Krule is releasing a new album, Man Alive!, and has common a initial single, “(Don’t Let The Dragon) Draag On”.

Due out on Feb 21, Man Alive! is Archy Marshall’s third studio manuscript as King Krule, and follows final year’s Hey World! EP of acoustic songs. It’s extremely some-more gaunt than 2017’s sprawling The Ooz, entrance in during a shorter 40 mins over only 14 tracks.

A press recover describes a manuscript as “a collection of snapshots and stories” that was partly accessible in Nunhead, south London, with Marshall personification many of a instruments himself (save for saxophone by Ignacio Salvadores). Half-way by a recording of Man Alive!, Marshall found out he was going to be a father, moved out of London for a north west of England, and accessible a rest of a manuscript in Stockport. The press recover stresses that a manuscript still reflects Marshall pre-fatherhood.

“I feel improved in life,” Marshall says in the press release. “I don’t splash or fume when I’m in a north west, so I’m flattering clean. It’s finished me kind of wearied of what a lot of a album’s articulate about! It’s tough to know where it’s going now I’ve finished it, and what I’ll do next, since of my new-found purpose and shortcoming in a world.”

The “(Don’t Let The Dragon) Draag On” video channels Marshall’s cinematic obsessions, pulling impulse from Carl Theodor Dreyer’s The Passion of Joan of Arc.

Man Alive! will be accessible on customary vinyl, singular book white 12” vinyl, and an ‘indie edition’ with a reward flexi-disc including a Hey World! version of “Perfecto Miserable”. King Krule will tour Europe and a US this open to support it.

Watch the “(Don’t Let The Dragon) Draag On” video below.

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