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Julián Castro Is Running for President in 2020. Here’s Where He Stands on 9 Important Issues.

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Julian Castro isn’t one of a bigger names in a swarming margin of Democratic 2020 presidential candidates, though he could mangle by with his singular routine proposals and knowledge handling vast bureaucracies and budgets.

The former mayor of San Antonio delivered a Democratic National Convention’s keynote residence in 2012, that former President Barack Obama gave 8 years earlier. He was a youngest member of Obama’s cabinet, portion as U.S. secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 2014 to 2017.

Castro is a third-generation Mexican-American and, if elected, will be a initial Hispanic and Latino president of a United States. Here, ELLE.com breaks down where Castro stands on a 9 issues electorate cared about many going into a midterm elections.

Health Care

Like several of his associate Democrat candidates, Castro endorses “Medicare-for-all.” He would cruise profitable for a complement by lifting taxes on companies and on a wealthiest “0.05, 0.5 or 1 percent” of Americans, according to PBS.

During his time in government, Castro has also implemented several health initiatives, including a 2016 anathema on smoking in open housing. “Public housing will go smoke-free and sojourn smoke-free, and, since of that,” Castro, afterwards HUD secretary, said, “so many folks are going to live healthier lives and have a improved shot during reaching their dreams since they have good health.”

He’s sought to apart himself from other possibilities by campaigning on a singular concept pre-K program, formed on a identical beginning he launched in 2012 while mayor of San Antonio. According to CNBC, “The city increasing a sales taxation by one-eighth of a cent, lifting about $31 million any year to yield giveaway and low-cost early preparation for four-year-olds. As a result, some-more than 22,000 children are set to advantage from a module over 8 years.”


Castro has pushed for mercantile equivalence and, as mayor of San Antonio, showed an ability to get along with Republicans and conservative-leaning business communities, according to Trinity University domestic scholarship highbrow David Crockett.

The city has blossomed into an intensely fascinating place to live, with a low cost of vital and a healthy economy. Jobs in tech and cybersecurity have finished San Antonio “the nation’s second-fastest-growing race of millennials,” according to The New York Times. San Antonio’s salary expansion has surpassed a inhabitant normal and housing is 13 percent cheaper than a inhabitant average, according to a newspaper.

On a debate trail, Castro has attempted to put his magnanimous mercantile ideas into action. Like a series of Democratic candidates, Castro has pronounced his debate will not accept donations from corporate PACs. He has also affianced to compensate interns $15 an hour and support a staff union.


Castro began his Jan campaign-launch debate by observant that his grandmother emigrated from Coahuila, Mexico, to Eagle Pass, Texas, when she was a child. “Yeah, we have to have extent security,” he said, “but there’s a intelligent and a benevolent proceed to do it. And there is no proceed in ruin that caging babies is a intelligent or a good or a right proceed to do it. We contend no to building a wall and approbation to building community.”

Three months later, he suggested a minute immigration platform. His People First Immigration Policy reverses Trump’s transport anathema and provides a pathway to citizenship for people in a nation unlawfully.

The offer also calls to decriminalize bootleg extent crossings, that would be finished by repealing a law that creates it a criminal, not civil, offense to illegally enter a U.S. The sustenance was a pivotal cause in a Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” approach, according to a Texas Tribune.

How Women Are Treated in a U.S.

Castro, a Roman Catholic, supports authorised termination access. He opposite a Texas law to anathema abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy that singular comforts and entrance to abortions. In January, he tweeted, “We can strengthen a woman’s right to make her possess decisions about her physique since for women, entrance to reproductive medical is an mercantile issue.”

Gun Policy

Castro is a longtime gun control disciple and has pushed for renewing a attack weapons ban. After a Sandy Hook Elementary School sharpened in 2012, he said, “There is a feeling that a Second Amendment is there in a Constitution, folks will have a right to bear arms. At a same time, like each other freedom, there are reasonable limits, regulations to be placed on it.”

He wants to extent high-capacity magazines and need credentials checks during gun shows.


In January, Castro announced his support for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ thought to boost taxation rates for a tip earners in a U.S. “Oh, we can support folks during a tip profitable their satisfactory share,” Castro pronounced on ABC’s This Week.

“There was a time in this nation where a tip extrinsic taxation rate was over 90 percent,” Castro said. “Even during Reagan’s epoch in a 1980s, it was around 50 percent.”

He also pronounced taxes should support programs like Medicare-for-all and suggested lifting a corporate taxation rate to safeguard companies “pay their satisfactory share.”

Foreign Affairs

As mayor of San Antonio, Castro upheld NAFTA and expanding a trade deal. On C-Span, Castro pronounced that he believes it should be renegotiated to strengthen workman and environmental protections.

In an coming on NBC’s Meet The Press in 2018, Castro pronounced “many folks commend that it was time for us to lift out of Syria.” However, he added, “once you’re there, we have to make certain that we have a devise for your operations there and, also, for your withdrawal. So I’m not a large fan of a commitments America has made, over these final 15 years, either it was a Iraq War or this commitment. However, we do believe, and we determine with folks that say, that both for a possess sake, for a consequence of a troops, for a consequence of a allies, once you’re there, we have to indeed have a plain devise for how you’re going to withdraw. And what we saw this week is not a proceed that it should be finished by a president.”

Income and Wealth Distribution

Castro supports a aloft smallest wage. In January, he tweeted, “We can lift a smallest salary so people don’t have to work dual or 3 jobs to support a family.”

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

Castro told The Washington Post that he was, “pleased that there was an event for a routine to try to get to a bottom of what happened,” though that he, “disagreed with a outcome of that routine since we believed Dr. Ford and her testimony. So we consider that those senators that voted to support him finished a mistake. we did not support him. we trust her claim. But there was a process.”

Castro’s comments were finished in February, after he was asked about a comment of Vanessa Tyson, one of dual women who indicted Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of passionate assault. He told Post reporters, “I had an event yesterday to review by Dr. Tyson’s statement. we trust her claim. we know that… Fairfax has denied it. My wish is that there’s some routine to get to a bottom of that.”

And one some-more thing…

In 2016, Castro was on a shortlist for Clinton’s collect of her clamp presidential using mate. When she named Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia as her using mate, Castro uttered his capitulation of a choice in a tweet, writing, “#Clinton/Kaine! A winning sheet for America. #ImWithThem.”

He also has a twin brother, U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro, who was only recently mulling a run for a U.S. Senate opposite John Cornyn. Their 78-year-old late math clergyman father, Jesse Guzman, told a San Antonio Express News that his sons are “really something.”