Jazz Legs: The Photogenic Pose That’s Going Viral


We adore anticipating new ways to snap photos, generally when it’s as easy as station in a new approach to take a super-flattering counterpart selfie. In new years, we’ve seen “Barbie feet” and a “baby giraffe pose” go virtual, though if we take a corkscrew by Instagram now, you’ll learn that celebs, models, and conform people have a new pretence for pulling off photogenic outfit photos. Let me deliver we to “jazz legs”, everyone—a tenure we coined since of a bent, Fosse-like leg that looks it belongs in a dance routine.

To master a pose, simply gaunt on your behind leg and hook it during an angle, gripping your front leg brazen and true with your toes pointed. It now lengthens a physique and gives a apparition of longer legs, so it’s easy to see because it’s turn a new go-to position for selfies right now. Ahead, see a “jazz legs” poise in action, including how we test-drove it myself.

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