James Norton on amicable media oversharing, eco-hypocrisy and ‘relief’ for group after #MeToo


After spending a day in James Norton’s company, I’m compelled to Google his star sign. It’s Cancer, a H2O sign, that doesn’t warn me. The 34-year-old British actor is fervent to thrust into H2O during any opportunity.

He arrives on set during a Cannes Film Festival, usually somewhat late and only a hold bleary-eyed after an early-hours finish a night before, and reveals that he’s already been for a drop in a sea to transparent his head. He deduction to suffuse himself with H2O as he’s photographed glugging from a potion bottle, and is happy to be submerged in a Med again – shirt, trousers, watch and all – during the shoot.

Later, he reveals that he’s a proponent of cold-water therapy as a cure…

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