J.P. Devine: The new Apple watch reminds JP of his prolonged story with watches


I never had a watch as a child. Kids currently have genuine watches before they go to school. we never had one.

My initial watch was a feign watch that came in a fondle nurses’ pack my baby sister got for Christmas. we remember that a box contained a stethoscope, thermometer, note pad and pencil and some candy pills. When she became wearied with it all, we ate a candy pills, strapped on a watch and wore it to school.

I showed it to Alan Powers and John Desnoyer.

“My sister has that. It came with candy pills. That’s a girls’ watch,” Alan said.

John added, “Yep. It’s a girls’ watch.”

That was in a fourth grade. Years after when Alan and we were double dating in high school, he would contend in front of a dates: “Ask Jerry what time it is. He’s got a watch. Show them your watch, Jerry.”

He suspicion that was so funny.  we know now that we never unequivocally favourite him. He became a manager of a grocery store. That done me happy.

Nobody indispensable a watch in my neighborhood. There were clocks everywhere. Every store had a clock, and there was a unequivocally large one on a path outward Kolen’s Jewelry Store on Grand Avenue. And afterwards there were a hourly church bells.

My father had an aged slot watch that he would peek during now and afterwards during a repast table, when he was home. When he died in 1940, my mom gave it to my hermit Matt, Pop’s oldest son, when he came home from a Navy in Hawaii for a funeral.

After 40 years had passed, we got together in San Diego. we asked about a watch. “It’s substantially during a bottom of a bay during Pearl, along with a Arizona.”

Black Irish humor.

Upon nearing during Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, we had a cavalcade sergeant whom we called “Smiling Jack.” On a initial day, Jack stood us adult in a 109-degree feverishness and told us: “Ladies, those boxes in front of we are to put y’all municipal belongs in and send home to Mama with y’all edging panties and jewelry, including watches. Write a residence on a box, and we’ll collect em’ and boat em’ out.”

A outrageous child from Minnesota, who after fainted from a heat, asked a initial foolish doubt of a day. “How will we know what time it is?”

I will never forget Smiling Jack’s reply.

“I have a watch, immature lady, and my time is y’all time.”

Before we split 8 weeks later, we schooled that Jack had assimilated a Mexican lady who worked in a P.X., and her hermit wanted to kill him. The Air Force saved his life by promulgation him to active avocation in Korea. He substantially died there. Justice.

Then, during one indicate as an adult, maybe to make adult for a undying life, we started collecting watches of all kinds, inexpensive ones, really. She, who usually wears them as jewelry, bought me a good one we still have.

Friends and family have given me watches with colored bands and difficult faces that usually a commander could read. A few moments ago, we found them all in a sock drawer where we had buried them after flourishing wearied with their sameness.

Then this year, something happened that brightened a pavement skies of winter and bright a crusty early theatre mid-life years of my days.

My California fever daughters, fearing we was slipping into a permanent winter of discontent, presented me during Christmas with a array 5 Apple watch. Oh, Lordy!

For those of my age, it changes everything. It’s always on, reading my blood vigour when I’m examination Trump’s rallies. At night we assign it on a little white assign plate, and afterwards during 3 a.m. we arise and put it on, and all by a night we peek during it to observe that it’s reduction 14 degrees outside. Nothing induces nap like that.

I would report a many faces it presents, though given we got it I’ve schooled that I’m a latecomer to a fashion, and that many of we already know all about it. Teenagers have it, nurses in handling bedrooms wear it, clandestine cops and felons are wearing it. When we watch a news in a evening, we keep my eye peeled for celebrities who wear one.

I know. I’m like a 9-year-old who has found a new toy. I’m behind during Christmas in a ’40s wearing my baby sister’s nurses’ watch though a stethoscope and candy pills. But now it’s real, a numbers move. It has not usually Mickey Mouse, who talks, though Minnie on a subsequent page revelation me a time, even during 4 in a morning when it’s reduction 14 degrees.

I wish we could go behind in time and uncover a guys. Go ahead, Alan, ask me what time it is. Go ahead.


J.P. is a Waterville writer. 

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