It’s Official: Victoria Fuller and Chris Soules Are "Exclusively Dating"

  • Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller are “exclusively dating.”
  • Victoria recently joked about “escaping” Chris’ plantation in Iowa, where she’s been quarantining.

    Welp, Bachelor Nation’s many pointless quarantine hookup is strictly official: Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller are a couple. A source tells Us Weekly that these dual are “exclusively dating” and that “she is still quarantining with him in Iowa.” As for Victoria’s new fun that she’d “escaped” Chris’ farm, apparently that was only temporary: “She gathering to revisit Kelsey Weier who lives in Des Moines over Memorial Day weekend though is now behind with Chris.”

    Our dude seemed on Victoria’s Insta story a few days after her “escape,” so yeah, adds up.

    Reports that Chris and Victoria were hooking adult forsaken behind in April, when Reality Steve pennyless a news on Twitter writing, “One of a some-more pointless Bachelor ‘couples’ that we can’t contend we ever would’ve guessed. we don’t know how prolonged this has been going on or how critical it is, though we can endorse that Victoria Fuller is now together in Iowa for a week with Chris Soules.”

    While Chris and Victoria don’t live anywhere nearby any other, these dual met over DM and afterwards started self-isolating together. “Chris slid into Victoria’s DMs,” a source told Us Weekly. “He apparently DMs a lot of people.”


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