“It’s a consistent conflict to uncover your debility and demonstrate your fears”: 8 ways BTS contend their new album, Map of The Soul: 7, is deeply personal


It’s one of a many expected earnings in formidable cocktail strain — a follow-up to Map of a Soul: Persona by Korean supergroup BTS. Already one of a biggest-selling albums of a year with 4 million pre-orders alone, Map of a Soul: 7 is zero brief of a fantastic success, reduction than a week after a recover on 21 February.

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With 15 strange songs (plus a few re-released tracks), it explores a Jungian truth of a shade and ego within a tellurian soul, while also tracing a impact of a band’s arena given their 2013 entrance — and there’s a lot to empty within it. Here’s all we schooled about Map of a Soul: 7 from BTS’s live-stream in Seoul. 

Map of a Soul: 7 is complicated, it took longer to make than a BTS manuscript customarily does, and it is deeply personal
“It’s about BTS looking back,” says Jin, and an manuscript where a rope wanted to uncover something different, to exhibit a tools of themselves they’d formerly attempted to hide. It is, he says, “a confession”. “[The song] Black Swan is about a fear we face as artists,” says J-Hope. “‘Louder Than Bombs’ shows a middle shadows. ‘We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal’ demonstrates that we will keep going notwithstanding a difficulties. It reveals a ego.” But notwithstanding a pithy inlet of MOTS:7, Jimin adds that he loves their songs: “Every time we sing a music, I’m happy and that gives me confidence. We worked on this manuscript for a prolonged time and we wish to perform this strain as shortly as we can.”

It’s taken time, yet BTS now recognize their low-pitched and informative change opposite a world 
“We’ve realised a impact BTS have and I’m looking brazen to what we’ll be means to uncover in a subsequent 7 years,” says J-Hope, who also refers to their “BTS style”. “That’s where we’ve grown and changed,” he muses. “There are many formidable factors during work,” adds RM. “There’s a music, a dance, a communication. It’s about a zeitgeist and whatever shows a zeitgeist best is what’s desired a most. Our albums are unequivocally personal, yet we consider we live in an age where this story resonates around a world. We try to demonstrate it by a strain and dance, and this is what people find refreshing. We know that a fan army around a universe [is] study [Korea] and Korean given of us, and we are unequivocally grateful for that.”

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Not all is designed minutely…
It’s prolonged been believed that Big Hit Entertainment — a band’s government — has had BTS’s whole discography and visuals plotted out for years, down to a excellent details. But RM admits that while there are “big concepts and large pictures, there are also elements outward a control so not all goes to plan”. The suspicion of Map of a Soul being a trilogy (“Shadow” and “Ego”
 were ostensible to follow “Persona” was scrapped after BTS had an extended mangle and a organisation realised they had a lot to speak about. “We thought, ‘Why don’t we mix them into one album?’” says RM. “Shadow means a wounds and Ego is about usurpation a fate. So 7 is a unequivocally suitable pretension given we’ve come behind after 7 months.”

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RM also mentions continual meetings with their executive producer, Bang Si-hyuk, and their whole team. “We plead everything: a solo tracks, a instruction of a album, a visuals, a hair, a makeup, a performance. Then we plead [among a members] what are we feeling now, what are your pressures, what are we happy about, and we continue to communicate.”

They’ve already been called vital legends, yet this is a initial time BTS have suspicion about what a group’s bequest competence be
For Jimin, a suspicion of a bequest “is something new [but] we consider it will be a strain and albums, a stories we wish to tell. We worked unequivocally tough to make these albums and they’re unequivocally precious. Thankfully fans can describe even yet a denunciation is different. We have artists from decades ago and their strain still inspires and heals today. we wish a albums will do a same and that will be a legacy.”

Even after 3 uninterrupted albums commanding a Billboard 200, BTS’s categorical aim is to have fun and make their fans happy
Not so for Jin, who says that while “results and annals are important, if people can pull complacency from a manuscript afterwards that will be a biggest outcome that we can achieve”. Suga, however, certified that he’d be fibbing if he pronounced they felt no vigour during all. Yet BTS’s “purpose is some-more critical than goals or records. We’ve always finished this work and we’ve always had fun, and if we continue to do that it will naturally swell into good results.”

After 7 years together, a rope has schooled many life lessons about themselves, any other and what it means to work in harmony
Jungkook sounds a small sad as he recalls his complacency during their trainee days, pursuit them “the best time”. For Suga, however, he sees a benefaction as their happiest moment, citing a event to “progress and grow” as a reason to be thankful. But no career is though a hurdles and nonetheless BTS are now a world’s many successful cocktail group, they have had their satisfactory share of problems. Living and operative together, says J-Hope, is one of them. “We speak a lot about a differences and try to solve [them]. Being together is a best thing, it’s also one of a severe things, yet we’ve grown to promulgate and unequivocally work good with any other so a best moments are when we are together.”

However, a highs and lows of celebrity have combined some dim inner places over a years
V highlights one of his biggest hurdles as training to understanding with a on-off-on inlet of being in a spotlight. “In a past 7 years, we’ve been to a lot of countries on debate and a happiest moments are when we are with a Army [the fans]. I’ve overcome this plea so I’m means to speak about it — when we’re on tour, we go from venue to craft to hotel and this is only what we do. On stage, it feels like a festival and I’m in a limelight. we used to feel a blank as shortly as we got in a car, yet it’s not that formidable any more.”

Suga, who wrote and performs Interlude: Shadow states a significance of saying your shade and acknowledging that it’s “always going to be during your feet and it’s always going to follow you. It’s a matter of usurpation it or not usurpation it. It’s not about confronting your shade even or fighting it, yet acknowledging it. Sometimes it will grow shorter or it lengthens, yet it’s always trustworthy to you. Accepting a participation takes a lot of courage, and that’s what allows us to keep going and keep going further.”

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Through this strong time of looking back, it allows BTS to also demeanour forward
“When we worked on ‘’Black Swan‘’ or other songs such as ‘’We are Bulletproof: a Eternal‘’, we cried a lot given we suspicion about a aged days,” admits RM. “It’s a consistent conflict to be means to uncover your debility and demonstrate your fears. If we demeanour behind there were times where we were naïve and done mistakes, yet altogether we consider we unequivocally did do a good job.” 

He wonders how a organisation could be so fortunate, yet credits a Army, and also a media, for gripping their feet on a ground. “We say, ‘We’re not that great, we’re only perplexing to do a best,’ and that’s what we wish to keep doing,” RM says. “I’ve seen these guys for a past 7 years and infrequently I’m a small bit sleepy of them, we demeanour during them and think, ‘Oh, it’s we again,’ but, honestly, all we wish to do for a subsequent 7 years and over is to be healthy, do what we can do and stay happy.”

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