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Is This A Dog Or A Cat?

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Take a good look at this scruffy, gray-and-white fur face. Sure, it’s definitively adorable…but does it belong to a dog or a cat?

The internet can’t decide — and much like with the blue and black vs. white and gold dress, or the shiny legs vs. white paint optical illusions that dominated news feeds for days, this viral photo of an enigmatic animal named Atchoum has ignited an online phenomenon.

The great debate began last week, when Twitter user n2o innocently posted a picture of Atchoum with the caption “Her. – ‘do you have a dog or a cat?’ Me. – ‘I don’t know.’” Poof: more than 13,000 retweets and one article in the Daily Mail later, the origin of this furry fellow has become a subject of international fascination. (Because when you need a break from politics, cute and cuddly animals are always there for you.)

Baffled Twitter users quickly chimed in to defend their takes.


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