Is Netflix dropping a warn new part of Tiger King this week?


Another installment to a Tiger King tale will arrive after this week, according to one of a show’s stars. But we’re not wholly convinced.

Tiger King: Murder Mayhem and Madness is a Netflix-made docuseries that follows a murder-for-hire tract surrounding dual large cat zoo owners.

The universe seems enamoured by gay, polygamist zoo owner-slash-country song artist-slash-self-proclaimed ‘Tiger-King’ Joe Exotic right now – and who can censure us? With small else to do though binge TV, a ex-presidential claimant has quick turn a prohibited subject of contention during a cooking list and a story isn’t over yet, according to stream GW zoo-owner Jeff Lowe.

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In a brief video common by Los Angeles Dodgers actor Justin Turner, Lowe claims that there is one some-more part in store for Tiger King fans.