Is a normal easterly African braid unequivocally a ‘coronavirus trend’?


Throughout this worldwide pandemic, hair as been a continual articulate point. With a infancy of salons closed, people have taken matters into their possess hands, pleat their possess fringes, dyeing it a accumulation of confidant colours, or shred it all of completely. 

In easterly Africa, a clearly new demeanour has been dubbed the ‘coronavirus hairstyle’ for a correspondence of a COVID-19 shape, with spiky antennae-esque braids growing out of a head. “Some grown-ups don’t trust that a coronavirus is real, though afterwards many immature children seem penetrating to sanitize their hands and wear masks. So many adults do not do this, and that is because we came adult with a aurora hairstyle,” explains hairstylist Sharon Refa to a Guardian. 

In fact, a normal character – famous as ‘isi owu’ or African threading – has been used for hundreds of years to assistance children’s hair grow and simply revolves around jacket a hair in black thread, zero to do with coronavirus. “Stop perplexing to stimulate a gibe of African people’s suspicion routine and enlightenment by misrepresenting a square of their history,” said @rufaroshuva on Twitter in response to an essay on Sky News that suggested a character was a new haircut trend. “It’s not even a haircut. It can’t have been revived, it never went anywhere.

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