iPhone SE 2: What are a Android equivalents to Apple’s discount buy?


Apple has only denounced a illusory value iPhone SE 2 handset – nonetheless if you’re a foreigner to iOS, what are a best alternatives to a bill device?

The iPhone SE 2 is a singular incursion into a mid-range marketplace from Apple, with high specs that confute a low cost tab and are expected to see it turn a pound hit. For £419/$399 you’ll get a world-beating A13 Bionic chipset, and a camera roughly homogeneous to that of a iPhone XR.

However that’s not to contend it doesn’t have a weaknesses. The shade is underwhelming, measuring only 4.7-inches and with a 720p resolution, and a pattern is likewise opposing looking as it does roughly matching to a iPhone 8.

On tip of that, there are copiousness of people who don’t wish to dedicate to Apple’s ecosystem or simply cite a coherence of Google’s software. So what are a Android alternatives to a iPhone SE 2?

OnePlus 8

The OnePlus 8 is likewise a great-value choice for those seeking a sub-flagship phone. It boasts one of a best chipsets around, a Snapdragon 865, that we report as “the best we can get in an Android as of early-mid 2020”, and it also offers 5G connectivity during this reasonable cost point. You’ll be means to run a many perfectionist games on this phone nonetheless trouble, nonetheless formed on a benchmarking scores of a dual chips, a iPhone SE is still expected to post aloft opening scores.

OnePlus 8

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We also had a lot of regard for a screen, that is a splendid 6.55-inch OLED with glorious contrariety and colour. What’s more, it’s got a 90Hz modernise rate for even smoother scrolling – in all of these respects, a arrangement is distant higher to that of a iPhone SE.

The triple camera is versatile and produces good images for a many partial (though we were reduction than tender by a macro camera); in a review, we wrote that a “OnePlus 8 has a good mid-range camera, not an ultra-high-end one”. Though we’re nonetheless to exam a iPhone SE, this is another area it could potentially come out on top, formed on Apple’s years of photography expertise.

However, one of a many critical differences for bland consumers is a price; a OnePlus 8 costs £599, while a iPhone SE 2 is reduction expensive, during £419. If you’re an Android fan looking for good opening and an glorious shade above all afterwards this is still a really good option, nonetheless it’s doubtful to lure Apple fans divided from their favourite brand.

Google Pixel 3a

The Pixel 3a is final year’s bill choice from Google, and for mid-range shoppers looking for a top-end camera, this should be a initial (and substantially last) handset that we consider. We claimed in a Google Pixel 3a examination that a equal to a opening of opposition flagships and is utterly shining during lowlight shots. The iPhone SE 2 will severely have a work cut out to compare that evaluation.

Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL front pointed apps drawer

Google Pixel 3a Google Pixel 3a XL

The shade is also overwhelming for a price, with beautifully clear colours and glorious observation angles. What’s more, there’s a Pixel 3a XL book so that we can select between a 5.6-inch arrangement or a 6-inch one, depending on that suits we better. The iPhone SE 2’s shade will certainly take a behind chair in comparison.

However, a pivotal thing to bear in mind is that a Pixel 3a’s processor isn’t utterly so powerful. It’s a Snapdragon 670, a poignant hillside compared to a flagship options, and so we can’t design a heading opening (although we found that it works good day-to-day). This is a pivotal area where a iPhone SE 2 positively wins out over a rival.

But we competence be means to stomach that accountability if we bear in mind a cost differential; during launch a Pixel 3a cost £399, nonetheless now we can find it accessible for only £329, creation it a good discount by anyone’s standards. On a other hand, we competence wish to wait a small while longer to see what new facilities a Google Pixel 4a will chaperon in.

Xiaomi Mi 9

The Xiaomi Mi 9 is a top-pick of mid-range smartphones, and there’s a good reason why: it’s truly a master of all trades, charity no concede on camera, performance, or arrangement – nonetheless a cost is half that of many of today’s all-singing, all-dancing flagships.

Xiaomi Mi 9 front pointed tip left

The Xiaomi Mi 9 runs on a flagship processor – namely a Snapdragon 855, final year’s tip choice for Android inclination – and delivered a good opening in a benchmarking tests (albeit of march not as good as that A13 Bionic nonetheless it gave final year’s iPhone XS a run for a money). The Mi 9’s shade is outstanding, with a clear colours and frail fortitude remaining a pleasure for observation calm even underneath splendid sunlight. The camera is nonetheless another highlight, with a triple lens set-up charity good peculiarity as good as versatility. Though during £499 it costs a bit some-more than a iPhone SE 2, this is a truly good all-round package of a smartphone.

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