iPadOS 14 wishlist: Keyboard shortcuts, new home shade features, more


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The iPad usually got utterly a bit improved interjection to iPadOS 13.4, that combined full support for trackpads. Now, courtesy has shifted to iPadOS 14, that is approaching to be announced subsequent month during Apple’s unsentimental Worldwide Developers Conference. What new facilities can we pattern in iPadOS 14? we have a few suggestions…

System-wide tradition keyboard shortcuts

I’ve been regulating my iPad Pro extremely some-more mostly recently interjection to a new Magic Keyboard, that has been a finish and sum game-changer for my workflow. One of a biggest adjustments I’ve had to make, however, is a miss of tradition system-wide keyboard shortcuts.

For example, on a Mac we have keyboard shortcuts set adult to simply stop and start time tracking with Toggl. This is something that’s not now probable on a iPad. Instead, we rest on a Timery widget alongside Shortcuts that I’ve combined for opposite timers and workflows.

If we wanted to take things a step further, iPadOS 14 could even supplement support for assigning tradition system-wide keyboard commands to Shortcuts. What this means is that a specific pivotal mixed could be used to trigger a Shortcut regardless of where we are in iPadOS.

Finally, and many importantly, this would assistance make adult for one of a biggest omissions in a Magic Keyboard: media playback keys. For example, we wish to set adult tradition keyboard shortcuts in iPadOS for pausing/playing calm and skipping to a subsequent track. You could also allot a keyboard by-pass to adjust arrangement brightness, keyboard backlighting, and more.

Easier entrance to Control Center and Notifications

The stream approach to entrance Control Center and Notifications on a iPad was clearly crafted in a days of it being a touch-only device. That’s excellent for many people, though when you’re regulating a iPad with a Magic Keyboard or any other such accessory, it’s a bit messy.

Navigating to a tip of a shade with a trackpad, afterwards fast pulling down is not a unequivocally discerning or unsentimental approach to entrance Control Center and Notifications. How could Apple repair this? I’m a large fan of this judgment combined by Matt Birchler:

Here, we can see how navigating towards a tip of a iPadOS interface automatically enlarges a “menu bar” and presents dedicated buttons for accessing Control Center and Notifications. Buttons aren’t as imagination as multi-finger gestures, though sometimes, it’s so most easier.

Theoretically, my progressing idea of tradition system-wide keyboard shortcuts could also assistance solve this problem. Let me emanate a keyboard by-pass that presents Control Center or Notifications immediately. This would go a prolonged approach in assisting urge a knowledge of regulating a iPad Pro when regulating a trackpad and keyboard.


Multitasking on iPad is an area where I’d like to see Apple make some changes, though I’m not accurately certain what changes we want. My co-worker Filipe Esposito recently summarized a few changes he’d like to see with iOS 14 multitasking, though we struggled to suppose what iPadOS 14 competence bring.

The stream iPadOS multitasking complement has been debated given it was introduced. Personally, we find it to be unequivocally absolute once we learn a details and outs, though it’s tough to repudiate that discoverability is a problem. How can Apple urge a discoverability of existent multitasking facilities while also adding new capabilities for energy users?

This is where we unequivocally wish to hear feedback from a 9to5Mac readers. What do we wish to see altered about a iPadOS 14 multitasking system? Or is it good adequate as it is today? Sound off in a comments!

Home shade widgets

Earlier this year, 9to5Mac exclusively reported that iOS 14 could supplement support for home shade widgets. Currently, a iPad has home shade widgets interjection to a Today View where we can supplement widgets and other information, though there are a few stipulations here.

Currently, Apple does all we to pin a Today View to your iPadOS home screen, though this usually relates to landscape course and to a initial page of your home screen. For instance, if we have mixed pages of applications, you’ll usually see a Today View widgets on a initial page.

With iPadOS 14, we consider Apple needs to take a iPadOS home shade to a subsequent level. You can already arrange of do this by adding Shortcuts to your home screen, though this doesn’t unequivocally concede we to indeed do anything though jumping to another application.

For instance, we would adore a ability to pin a widget from Things directly on my iPad home screen. Currently, we have a Things widget in my Today view, though it simply redirects to a Things app itself anytime we wish to supplement a new to-do or symbol one as completed.

One of a apps I’ve been regulating a lot recently on iPad is Tot, a content editor that focuses on constraints and palliate of use. The ability to supplement a Tot widget to my home shade would be impossibly useful as a elementary scratchpad for records and discerning ideas.

The opportunities for a iPadOS home shade feel endless, and we wish Apple gives it a courtesy it deserves with this year’s iPadOS 14 refresh.

Wrap up

These are usually a few of a facilities I’d like to see with a introduction of iPadOS 14 this year. The iPad Pro has turn an increasingly critical partial of my workflow over a final few months, and these changes could make a vital disproportion in my productivity.

What are some of your preferred iPadOS 14 changes? How has your use of a iPad altered over a final several iterations of iOS and iPadOS? Let us know down in a comments!

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