iOS 14 could come with a new multitasking view


It looks like iPhone fans will be removing treated to a code new multitasking perspective with a recover of iOS 14 after this year.

The feature, that lets we quick switch between and tighten apps, will have a new blueprint in late 2020, according to Twitter tipster Ben Geskin.

Currently, a apps seem as built cards. The underline gives users a tighten adult perspective of a app they final opened, along with a coast of any other app that they can appropriate right to view.

The new pattern displays 4 smaller tabs when we appropriate adult on your display, permitting we to perspective mixed apps during once.

The video, that was common by 91mobiles this week, shows an iOS 14 inner build regulating on an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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The arrangement shows a 4 many recently non-stop apps during a time, yet it looks as yet we can perspective some-more by swiping right.

The tabs seem and tighten flattering fast, withdrawal a whole routine of shutting apps looking smooth, and a small close idol above any app means we competence be means to save your favorite apps from incidentally removing swiped closed.

While a handful of Geskin’s supporters have commented comparing a new multitasker to Xiaomi’s MIUI, Apple indeed already has a identical underline implemented on a iPadOS.

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Geskin also showed a print of a ‘App Switcher’ settings and it looks as yet a new character will be called ‘Grid Switcher’.

Furthermore, a fact that a word ‘Switcher’ is cut off in a tip left dilemma could advise that iOS 14 is being designed with a smaller (or without) a nick in mind.

These screenshots and videos don’t have everybody convinced, though. A vast series of a comments on Geskin’s Twitter thread are users claiming that this new refurbish looks suspiciously identical to a common jailbreak feature.

Either way, Apple fans will need to wait until WWDC in Jun to find out what updates are entrance with iOS 14 and a iPhone 12.

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