iOS 13 refurbish and facilities list


The iOS 13 refurbish is here to deliver new facilities to your aged iPhone, charity new program perks even if we haven’t upgraded to Apple’s code new iPhone.

In fact, reduction than a week after Apple pushed out a iOS 13 update, it gave us another program refurbish for iPhones with a iOS 13.1 refurbish bringing with it a array of essential bug fixes and even some-more new features.

Dark Mode is a best iOS 13 underline and a many visible change. It inverts white and light gray colors for reduction eye-straining black and dim grays – during slightest in vital apps.

In box we need to know how to get iOS 13, we have a step-by-step beam for that, nonetheless a refurbish comes pre-installed on a iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

What’s new in iOS 13? What inclination are concordant with iOS 13? We have all of those answers – and a mini iOS 13 examination – below, as we wait a iOS 13.1 update.

The two-minute iOS 13 review

Dark Mode: We’ve been removing a many use out of this iOS 13 feature. It changes adult a interface (except for some third-party apps), exchanging splendid white and light gray colors for black and dim gray hues. That’s some-more pleasing on a eyes, generally during night. iOS 13 pro tip: You can report iOS 13 Dark Mode to spin on and off during sold times, and supplement it as a Control Center menu shortcut.

iOS 13 compatibility: iOS 13 is concordant with a lot of iPhones – as prolonged we have a iPhone 6S or iPhone SE or newer. Yes, that means both iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 don’t make a list and are perpetually stranded with iOS 12.4.1, yet Apple didn’t make any cuts for iOS 12, so it’s usually throwing adult in 2019. Fair.

Dark mode creates everything, well, darker. In a good way.

Photo modifying collection get advanced: You can now change adult photos in 15 conflicting ways, tweaking highlights, contrariety and shadows. It’s some-more strong to a indicate where we’re opening Adobe Lightroom less. iOS 13 pro tip: Edits also work for video, and we can revise photos without destroying a Live Photo properties.

A new QuickPath keyboard: Want to appropriate on a keyboard rather than tap? It’s now in there. There’s no line that follows your finger’s movement, and it’s a small wily to get used to during first, yet it’s closer to what we favourite about Gboard. iOS 13 pro tip: We found this many useful on any vast Max or Plus phone.

FaceTime correction: You know that thing in a FaceTime call where we demeanour during your shade and therefore aren’t looking during a camera? Apple will use AI to pierce a instruction of your gaze. A bit creepy in principle, yet hugely useful.

Face ID is many better: We adore this underline – a margin of perspective for unlocking your phone with your face is wider, so looking during a phone on a table will open your iPhone adult though wanting to lift a handset.

iOS 13 is not entrance to a iPad: Tricked you. iOS 13 is quite for a iPhone (and iPod Touch). iPadOS has debuted for iPad with disdainful capability facilities for a bigger inscription screen.

The QuickPath keyboard is sharp to use in a testing.

‘Find my iPhone’ and ‘Find my Friends’ are fused: The dual apps are now in one ‘Find My’ app, and Apple’s total in functionality that can find offline inclination from other iPhones or iPads. Best of all, we got fewer timed out tracking errors.

iOS 13 improves battery life: By that we meant ‘lifetime of a battery’ not ‘time between charges’ – a new iOS 13 height is smarter during charging and will diminish a energy submit during a right times. Dark mode should assistance too on iPhone OLED displays, yet we’re contrast that.

Reminders gets a outrageous (and useful) overhaul: A transparent new design, Reminders now allows for attachments and improved sorting. Might not sound massive, yet a large detonate for those that use it.

The camera is removing a large upgrade: Portrait mode (if your phone supports it) will offer some-more customizable lighting and a new ‘High Key Mono’ mode for when we wish to demeanour like you’re in a Calvin Klein advert.

Siri sounds better: A polished voice with some-more healthy diction, Siri is many nicer to speak to now. You competence not notice it though a corresponding comparison, yet it’s here.

All new Memoji to play with: You can supplement make-up, chuck in Memoji stickers from a keyboard – if you’re into your possess animation face there’s a lot to try here. iOS 13 pro tip: Stickers works on iPhone 8 and comparison iPhones, even if we don’t have a TrueDepth camera for relocating Memoji.

Look for this trademark to get a tip email address.

Control Wi-Fi and Bluetooth some-more simply: We adore this: long-press (or 3D Touch for certain iPhone models) on a Wi-Fi / Bluetooth buttons in a Control Center and we can entrance all your connectors in one elementary place.

Use your PS4 controller on your phone: Does what it says… now we can span your console controller to play games in a some-more immersive way. PS4 support is here today, while Xbox One support is coming. Perfect for Apple Arcade, right?

OK, that’s a pivotal things out of a approach – yet if we wish to know some-more about a smaller features, or usually a bit some-more abyss on what your iPhone or iPad can do, review on:

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iOS 13 recover date and time

  • iOS 13 recover date: It launched on Thursday, Sep 19
  • iOS 13.1 recover date: It launched on Wednesday, Sep 25

The central iOS 13 recover date was Thursday, Sep 19, a small over 3 months after a initial beta in that we got to exam out a program early.

The iOS 13 recover date was after than usual. Apple formerly launched a mobile handling refurbish on a Monday or Tuesday following a new iPhone launch event, yet this time spin it gave itself a integrate of additional days.

But we didn’t have to wait that long, as a iOS 13 open beta is still out there and has been by a few iterations after rising on Jun 24. It’s technically adult to iOS 13.1… iOS 13 has been by a lot already, in fact.

Here’s a iOS 13 timeline as we saw it:

1. iOS 13 developer beta: First launched during WWDC 2019, this chronicle was singular to paid Apple developers, and primarily compulsory Xcode or macOS 10.15 to install. The second developer beta bound that with an over-the-air (OTA) update. Simply put, it was not meant for normal consumers, yet for critical app developers.

2. iOS 13 open beta: Apple’s larger-scale facilities exam began on Jun 24, and went by 8 versions, culminating, oddly, with a beta for iOS 13.1 (before iOS 13 was even out).

3. iOS 13 golden master: Pushed out on Sep 10, this was a final chronicle of a iOS 13 program for beta testers. It was unequivocally discerning and gave app makers 9 days to adjust before a final program launched to a masses.

4. The central iOS 13 recover date and time: Apple launched a iOS 13 program in a final, discerning form on Sep 19, usually 24 hours forward of a iPhone 11 smoothness date. 

5. iOS 13.1 refurbish rolls out: Apple follows adult a iOS 13 rollout with a iOS 13.1 refurbish nearing usually underneath a week later, on Wednesday 25 September.

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iOS 13.1 update

As we’ve mentioned, Apple pushed out a iOS 13.1 refurbish within a week of strictly rising iOS 13 on iPhones, and it brought a array of bug fixes as good as some new features.

iOS 13.1 bug fixes

The recover records for iOS 13.1 reflects how cart a initial recover of iOS 13 indeed was, with a new refurbish bringing fixes for issues with Mail, Siri not operative with CarPlay, inadequate app icons and sign-in failures.

Another vital emanate with iOS 13 was with plcae permissions – Fast Company recently reported that if a user had comparison to never share plcae sum for an app, a remoteness smirch altered that preference to “Ask subsequent time”. 

Those remoteness issues are also addressed in a new iOS 13.1 release, along with a repair for a lockscreen bypass bug that could let others entrance a user’s hit list by simply creation a FaceTime call and regulating Siri’s voiceover underline to benefit access.

iOS 13.1 new features

We have highlighted some of a pivotal new facilities in a iOS 13.1 refurbish subsequent in some-more detail, yet there’s some-more too including updated Fonts settings and Personal Hotspot pages. 

If we exam beta apps, they will now be indicated with an orange dot in iOS 13.1, and a aged energetic burble wallpapers that left when Apple total dim mode-friendly wallpapers in iOS 13, are back.

There’s a new ‘Peak Performance Capability’ underline in the iPhone XS, iPhone XR and the XS Max, as they’re now a year aged and competence start carrying battery issues as they continue to age. 

This means that as a battery starts to degrade, a opening government underline will be triggered to stifle a CPU, nonetheless an choice to invalidate this will be accessible during that point.

Share ETA in Maps

Google Maps total this underline a while back, and now Apple Maps users can also share their estimate time of attainment with friends and family right from a app itself. When we set adult directions to a plcae and start a journey, an choice to ‘Share ETA’ shows adult during a bottom of a screen. 

From there we can name a hit we wish to share your estimate time of attainment with, that gets sent as an iMessage (to another iPhone user) as a unchanging text. If Maps detects you’ll approaching arrive after than expected, a summary will automatically be sent to a hit to let them know you’re regulating late.

Lyrics perspective in Apple Music

If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you’ll find a new idol – like a debate burble – on a bottom left of a Now Playing pane. When selected, it brings adult lyrics to a strain you’re now listening to. 

The lyrics will also automatically corkscrew like a karaoke machine. Lyrics are accessible usually if songs have been downloaded from Apple Music, not for marks total from an outmost source around iTunes.

AirDrop update

This is specific to a 2019 iPhones, creation use of a “spatial awareness” of a Ultra Wideband record in a new U1 chip in the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. 

If you’re regulating a new handsets, you’ll be means to AirDrop files to other concordant iOS inclination by simply indicating towards a device, definition a dual inclination are wakeful of their position relations to any other.

Automation add-on in Shortcuts

The Shortcuts app has spin smarter, with an easier approach to set adult new routines. For example, we can trigger off your morning slight by environment adult a Shortcut that loads your expostulate to work on Maps, brings adult your day’s appointments on Calendar and so forth. 

You can set a time for any trigger, definition Maps will launch automatically at, say, 8am when you’re prepared to leave home.

iOS 13 harmony list

  • iOS 13 is concordant with iPhone 6S / iPhone SE or later
  • iOS 13 isn’t concordant with iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

iOS 13 harmony requires an iPhone from a final 4 years. That means phones like a iPhone 6 won’t be removing iOS 13 – if you’ve got one of those inclination you’ll be stranded with iOS 12.4.1 forever.

iOS 13 sheds several aged inclination (Image credit: Apple)

You’ll need an iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone SE or after to implement iOS 13. With iPadOS, while different, you’ll need an iPhone Air 2 or iPad mini 4 or later.

The iPhone SE fits into an peculiar category, as it has iPhone 6 epoch specs, yet came out after a iPhone 6S. Don’t worry, everyone’s favorite small iPhone will get iOS 13.

iOS 13 is concordant with usually one iPod – a newest version. No surprise, a new iPod Touch 7th gen is a usually inclination of a category that gets iOS 13 support.

  • Looking for your iPad? You wish to know how to download iPadOS

iOS 13 Dark Mode

  • Overdue Dark Mode is entrance to iOS 13 and iPadOS
  • We saw macOS get a system-wide Dark Mode in 2018
  • Shortcut to black-and-dark-gray UI lives in Control Center

Dark Mode in iOS 13 a system-wide, definition it changes a hues from splendid white and light grey to black and dim gray on all upheld apps.

Image 1 of 3

Image 2 of 3

Image 3 of 3

It’s a good underline when you’re regulating your iPhone during night and wish to equivocate splendid white hues resplendent in your face. It competence also save battery life on a OLED-equipped iPhones, from a iPhone X onward. Apple didn’t speak about this during all, yet we know that OLED displays radically ‘turn off’ pixels when digest blacks.

Turning on iOS 13 Dark Mode can be finished in Control Center inside a Display slider (right subsequent to a Night Shift and True Tone toggle), according to Apple, or we can set it automatically to spin on during night by a report or tradition time.

The yellow-tinting Night Shift mode finally gets a bright-light dimming companion, and a lot of people couldn’t be happier.

  • How to capacitate Dark Mode on iOS 13 and iPadOS

iOS 13 offers ‘FaceTime courtesy correction’

This is an engaging one. There’s now an choice for FaceTime Attention Correction, and it’s as furious as it sounds.

What does it do exactly? It creates it so that it appears as if you’re looking true into a front-facing camera during a FaceTime video call, when you’re indeed looking during a adjacent screen. That dreaming demeanour could be a thing of a past soon.

iOS 13 on iPad is iPadOS, and it’s a large change

Some of a biggest changes for iOS 13 on a iPad are indeed entrance in an refurbish called iPadOS. Apple is signaling that a iPad needs a possess platform.

That means large improvements to your iPad workflow, starting with a home shade redesign. Pinned Widgets, as we likely in a iOS 13 rumors roundup, lets we supplement widgets from a Today View shade (that left-mode shade on your iPhone and iPad). So far, it’s iPad-exclusive, and not entrance to iOS13 for a iPhone.

Slide Over lets we have mixed apps open and cycle by them like rolodex. You can also fan to preview them all during once with a appropriate gesture, kind of like a recents menu on many phones and tablets. It’s multi-tasking done easier.

Split View has been extended to let we open one app on both sides of a shade (it wasn’t probable before), and Apple demoed this by display Notes corresponding with Notes. You can also span an app with some-more than one app – so now Safari can be interconnected with Pages in one space and Safari can be interconnected with Mail in another. 

App Expose is new to a iPad software, vouchsafing we see all of a space we have open. There’s an App Expose idol on a Dock, requiring usually a singular press to get into a accessible overview mode.

New copy, pulp and remove gestures are entrance to iPadOS. Three fingers scrunched down was shown to duplicate text, 3 fingers expanding (in a conflicting direction) forsaken a content on a page, and shifting 3 fingers opposite a shade undid a final action. We’ll have to see how this performs when a program lands.

Apple’s keyboard can boyant around a shade in a smaller form, and it’s debuting a swiping gesticulate keyboard, that it calls QuickPath Typing. There are also some-more keyboard shortcuts (a miss of shortcuts was a censure we had about before iOS versions).

There are indeed too many iPadOS changes to fact here in a iOS 13 explainer, so we’ve spun a full outline off into a apart iPadOS recover date, news and facilities article.

iOS 13 facilities a QuickPath keyboard

With iOS 13, Apple’s default QuickType keyboard will be incorporating swipe-to-type, a renouned approach of shifting opposite a keyboard to form words. We’ve used this in before iOS keyboard extensions like Google’s Gboard and SwiftKey.

Here’s QuickPath keyboard in movement (Image credit: Apple)

You can use a QuickType and QuickPath methods of typing interchangeably, and so distant upheld languages embody English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese is now included.

iOS 13 debuts new ‘Find My’ app

Apple total Find My Friends and Find My iPhone in iOS 13, and a kinship lets we locate your friends and blank gadgets with a faster, easier-to-use interface.

Find My iPhone and Find My Friends come together in one app (Image credit: Apple)

What’s unequivocally neat is that it use a crowd-sourced encrypted Bluetooth vigilance to assistance we lane down inclination that aren’t connected to Wi-Fi or cellular. That’s mostly a large assistance for Macs, yet it could also assistance with an iPhone in singular cases, too.

Best of all, while Find My Friends didn’t always work for us, Apple seems to be creation a bigger pull to get plcae tracking right with this new iOS 13 app now in a limelight.

iOS 13 creates your aged iPhone faster, final longer

More people are holding onto their iPhones for longer, and that’s something Apple seems to commend – and a association is speeding adult iOS 13 to accommodate them.

The many critical iOS 13 stats: app launch speed is adult to twice as discerning according to Apple, and Face ID unlocking will be 30% faster than before. Apple also found a approach to make app downloads smaller, adult to 60% on average; iOS 12 gave us a faster update, and iOS 13 looks to build on that.

Battery life is also something Apple is rebellious this year. Its aim is to delayed a rate of battery aging by shortening a time your iPhone spends wholly charged. iOS 13 is ostensible to learn from your daily charging slight so it can wait to finish charging past 80% until we need to use it.

Reminders gets a large overhaul

Of all a built-in apps, Reminders has gotten a biggest iOS revamp. It’s improved organized, and includes shortcuts that make it easier to supplement reminders.

Reminders has gotten a freshest reimagining among iOS 13 apps (Image credit: Apple)

Big, color-coded buttons for Today, Scheduled, All and Flagged categories offer we a improved slip of your dire tasks, while a keyboard when you’re in this app has a top-line Quick Toolbar that acts as a by-pass to simply supplement times, dates, locations, flags, photos and scanned documents.

Making skeleton in Messages? Siri will step in to advise reminders that can be created, like a personal partner who chimes in during all a right times.

Camera and Portrait Mode changes

The iOS 13 offers critical changes to camera features, starting with enabling we to change a power of light in Portrait Mode, that is something we’ve wanted for a while. Portrait mode is also removing a new monochromatic outcome called High‑Key Mono.

The new Photos add-on in a iOS 13 Photos app – Apple sees it as apropos your print diary (Image credit: Apple)

The Photos gallery is apropos what Apple called “a diary of your life”, with a new add-on designed to request your best photos by day, month and year. You’ll also have some-more splash controls to wizz in and out of a Photos gallery.

You can now do something that many people have been good out for on an iPhone – change a aspect ratio of a design we take in a camera app. That means block options, or 16:9 even, are there in a settings – nonetheless when we trade a cinema off a phone a files are still in a strange 4:3 format.

Photo modifying is polished with iOS 13, adding composition controls and filters, while a video modifying apportionment mirrors this roughly entirely: scarcely each print apparatus and outcome – including filters, rotating and gathering – creates it over to video. If you’re not good during tinkering with video, there’ll even be an ‘Auto’ composition button. 

New Siri voice sounds some-more natural

A new Siri voice debuts with iOS 13, and it sounds some-more healthy than before – we’ve listened a representation and a tinge is a same, yet it sounds reduction robotic. 

It uses modernized neural text‑to‑speech technology, according to Apple, and you’ll quite notice this when Siri says longer phrases, like reading a Apple News aloud or responding believe questions.

The timing is good, since Siri can also do a lot some-more articulate if we wear AirPods – Siri can review incoming messages and siren them by a buds, that is convenient. 

One some-more new Siri perk: your voice partner on HomePod will know a voices of a several family members in your home. This should mean, for example, that seeking “What’s on my Calendar?” won’t move adult someone else’s irrelevant information.

Memoji gets makeup, Messages gets info sharing

Apple has put some-more of ‘Me’ in Memoji, permitting one trillion configurations: new hairstyles, headwear, makeup, and piercings to name a few categories. Examples on a WWDC theatre showed that these personalized Animoji masks concede for such granular appendage fact as eyeshadow, braces and even AirPods.

Memoji gets improved in year dual (Image credit: Apple)

Memoji Stickers are something wholly new – iOS 13 brings some-more iPhone and iPad users into a Memoji fold, TrueDepth camera or not. You can customize a Memoji and iOS 13 will automatically emanate a fun-looking plaque container that lives in a sub-menu on a keyboard, that we can use in Messages, Mail, and third‑party apps.

You can share your personalized Memoji with contacts by iMessages, yet usually when we extend them access. The same relates to pity your name and print with contacts, so we can chose how people see your name, for example. According to Apple, we can confirm either we wish your form common with everyone, with usually your contacts, or usually once.

New HomePod features

You competence not know this, yet a HomePod is partial of a iOS family, and it has gotten iOS 13 updates too.

First, we can send songs from your iPhone by simply holding your phone closer to a HomePod speaker. Previously, we had to tell Siri to do this, yet now this hand-off underline is a bit easier, and we don’t have to speak to do it.

The HomePod also deliver Live Radio – we can ask Siri to play 100,000 stations from all around a world. And HomePod will concede we to commend who in your family is talking, and personalize a response – good with Apple Music, where selections will be formed on your ambience and history. It goes over Music, Messages, Notes, Reminders, and more. 

with Apple

Apple wants app developers and sites to use a sign-in feature, and there are some perks for user privacy, too (Image credit: Apple)

Apple is holding on Facebook Connect, Google and other platforms that concede we to conveniently pointer in to third-party accounts. Sign-in with Apple is staid to strengthen your remoteness some-more than Facebook and Google do.

What’s neat is that if we don’t wish to flare over your email to an app developer or website, Apple will emanate a singular pointless email for you, and a email will be singular to that site or app.

We’re still watchful for this to hurl out by developers, yet over time you’ll start saying it some-more regularly.

Maps get revamped

iOS 13 Maps looks a lot better, even if everybody likes to hatred on it. Will it ever be improved than Google Maps? No, substantially not. But for people who wish Apple’s pre-loaded maps app on iOS 13, it’s many better.

360-degree city tours are entrance to Apple Maps (Image credit: Apple)

There’s approach some-more fact here by approach of Apple rebuilding maps from a belligerent up. There’s some-more picturesque fact for roads, beaches, parks, and buildings, and we can now try cities with a 3D 360-degree experience.

Favorites were a partial of Maps before, yet iOS 13 creates these saved locations easier to navigate to with one daub – they seem during a unequivocally tip of a hunt menu. Sometimes Google Maps on iOS doesn’t get this right (but does improved on Android). That’s one reason to keep Apple Maps installed, even if you’re a Google Maps person.

Text formatting in Mail

Mail is removing some changes when it comes to essay out scrupulously formatted email. You’ll have some-more control over rise style, size, color, alignment, indenting and outdenting text, and numbered and bulleted lists.

What we’re unequivocally anticipating to see one day in iOS 13.1 or iOS 14 is a ability to insert a hyperlink into some content in an email. On both iOS and Android devices, that’s usually not probable in their default mail clients (that we’ve seen) – we have to pulp prolonged URLs, and that’s not a computer, no matter what we call your handling system.

Connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from Control Center

This is outrageous – and we’ve been seeking for it for several years. You can now name Wi‑Fi networks and Bluetooth accessories right from Control Center.

Android has had this for years, and it was always accessible to bond to new Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth earbuds though carrying to navigate divided from your stream app and dive into 5 Settings submenus. Apple is finally entrance around in iOS 13.

Xbox One and PS4 diversion controller support

If you’re going to play games on your phone, we competence as good do it with one of a dual best controllers accessible (and maybe something we already own).

Enter PS4 and Xbox One diversion controller support for iOS 13. Apple didn’t contend if all games will support this or if it’ll be singular to Apple Arcade, yet whatever a box competence be, we’re happy to be means to put a PS4 controller to use everywhere we roam.

Silence Unknown Calls

Nuisance spam calls expostulate us crazy each day, and iOS 13 wants to repair a emanate with a assistance of Siri, that scans your Contacts, Mail and Messages to see if you’ve formerly been in hit with a caller.

Silence Unknown Calls sounds sincerely smart, if you’re not awaiting business numbers cold-calling we for work. Those that do call we and aren’t on your personal ‘VIP list’ will go true to voicemail.

iOS 13 facilities disdainful to iPhone 11 phones

  • Camera UI buttons / circle toggle between ultra-wide and telephoto
  • Holding print shiver symbol captures video (no longer for detonate photos)
  • Front camera takes wide-angle selfies in landscape, 4K60fps video and ‘Slofies’

We suspicion we knew all about iOS 13 in June, yet it turns out there were a few new facilities geared toward a newly announced iPhone 11 phones. 

Since a iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are roughly all about a new cameras, a iOS 13 program lends itself to a new ultra-wide lens and special night mode.

Switching between a cameras lenses (two lenses on a iPhone 11 and 3 on a iPhone 11 Pro series) is ostensible to be seamless, with discerning taps or a circle to transition between zoomed-in and zoomed-out perspectives. 

Holding down on a informed shiver symbol in iOS 13 start recording video, same to a Snapchat and Instagram UI. Apple claims it’s new handsets offer a highest-quality video ever in a smartphone, so it’s putting a large importance on how easy it is to fire video. On any other iPhone regulating iOS 13, holding down a same shiver symbol captures detonate photos.

The front TrueDepth camera on a iPhone 11 phones can constraint wide-angle selfies when hold in a landscape orientation, and record adult to 4K60fps video. Before, we were all deprived with 1080p60fps selfie videos.

Sure to be a madness of everybody comparison than millennial age, you’re going to starting to see ‘Slofies’. Love it or hatred it (because of a name), this iPhone 11-exclusive iOS 13 underline captures epic-looking slo-mo video from a front camera. It works best when we have prolonged hair to constraint in motion.

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