Independent Sleep Tracking and Silent Wake Up, Prime Features of Brand New Sleep Cycle Apple Watch App


GOTHENBURG, Sweden–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sleep Cycle alarm clock, a best offered alarm time and tip rated nap tracker application, now releases a new Apple Watch app, featuring nap tracking in a watch, with no need to have a iPhone by your bed.

“In line with softened battery life and new facilities expelled by Apple, we see a flourishing seductiveness and need from users to start wearing a Apple Watch to bed,” pronounced Carl Johan Hederoth, CEO of Sleep Cycle. “For a relaunch of a Sleep Cycle Apple Watch app we saw a good event in building a resolution that would concede a watch app to work exclusively from a iPhone, needing users to nap but their phone and still be means to take advantage of all facilities and functions a iPhone Sleep Cycle App offers.”

Seamless Nights—and Silent Mornings

The newly expelled Sleep Cycle Apple Watch app has a many softened battery life, needing nap tracking to be run all night but removal a watch battery. In further it also marks heart rate, and facilities a code new graph in a phone focus visualizing heart rate information in propinquity to a users nightly nap graph. The eccentric watch nap monitoring underline will assent users to usually wear a watch during night. While many other nap tracking watch applications essentially use Apple Health data, a new Sleep Cycle watch app facilities loyal suit showing nap tracking on a device. The watch will guard nap via a night, arise a user adult in light nap silently but disrupting other sleepers, afterwards upload a collected nap information and research to a Sleep Cycle iPhone application, seamlessly on subsequent opening.

New Apple Watch Application, Same Great iOS App

At a core of a Sleep Cycle alarm time app are dual opposite record patents. The initial allows a app to brand a many fitting impulse for a sleeping chairman to be awakened in a given interlude of time, and a second allows a app to lane nap regulating sound. The app afterwards analyzes users’ sleep, annals commentary and wakes them during their lightest nap proviso regulating a predefined 30-minute alarm window.

In further to eccentric watch nap tracking, wordless wake-up, and heart rate monitoring, users of a classical Sleep Cycle app for both iPhone and Android get:

  • Sleep assist – sounds and stories to assistance we tumble defunct easier
  • Detailed nap statistics and nap graphs for each night
  • Snore tracking – see how many we snore and perspective chronological snore trends data
  • Long-term graphs to lane nap peculiarity over time, so users can see that days of a week they nap best
  • Sleep annals to lane how events such as celebration coffee, eating too many or carrying a stressful day impact nap quality
  • Customizable wake-up window—from present to 90 minutes
  • Customizable snooze settings
  • Full formation with Apple Health
  • Carefully comparison alarm melodies

About Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is a world’s many renouned intelligent alarm time app that analyzes users’ sleep, annals commentary and wakes them during their lightest nap proviso so they feel complacent and refreshed. The app generates nightly nap reports, marks long-term nap trends, and logs how daily activities impact nap quality. With millions of users worldwide, Sleep Cycle has also turn a world’s richest repository of information on tellurian nap habits.

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