I’m 58, Always Wear Flat Shoes, and Will Never Retire These 6 Styles


We customarily spin to Janet Gunn, a 58-year-old influencer behind The Grateful Gardenia, for sartorial guidance. And while age should have zero to do with your character choices, we’re always meddlesome in her conform outlook privately given her knowledge over a years building a well-rounded wardrobe. Today, we wanted to benefit serve discernment into some of a go-to shoe silhouettes she swears by. And while she wears a variety, there’s one pivotal character she wears on repeat and will never retire. Yes, flat shoes, given their gentle and versatile nature.

Below, you’ll expose a 6 prosaic shoe styles Gunn will never give up, finish with styling records from her. And if you’re inspired in adding one of her must-have silhouettes into your arsenal as well, we also dull adult stylish styles to cruise if you’re selling during a moment.

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