I’m 55, a Former Nordstrom Buyer, and Think These 8 Items Look Best With Jeans


We recently held adult with 55-year-old stylist, influencer, and former Nordstrom buyer Susie Wright for her thoughts on a 7 basis she thinks work best for everyone. And while age clearly has zero to do with what she should or shouldn’t wear, we suspicion her sartorial indicate of view over 50 was intriguing given her storied conform career and years of knowledge building well-rounded wardrobes for herself and her clients. On that note, we wanted to hoard some serve character recommendation from her.

Given that Wright wears jeans on a unchanging and we know many of we do as good (although we know that we competence not be wearing denim a ton during a moment), we suspicion it could be of seductiveness to get discernment on a specific basics Wright thinks demeanour best with jeans.

Keep scrolling to expose a eight items Wright thinks each denim partner competence love, and a bit of styling inspo. And while we competence already have many of a pieces in your closet, we also shopped out a accumulation of equipment in box you’re meddlesome in adding something uninformed to your wardrobe.

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