‘I’d Rather Be Alive’: Why Some Georgia Business Owners Are Not Reopening


Gyms, bowling alleys, barbershops, and tattoo parlors will be authorised to open in Georgia on Friday, Governor Brian Kemp announced this week. Many won’t.

With some-more than 20,000 reliable cases and 818 deaths due to a coronavirus in Georgia, Kemp is pitching a reopening of low businesses as an unshackling of a private zone that will jump-start a economy and put income behind in workers’ pockets. Some owners are fervent to take him adult on a offer, though others aren’t utterly prepared to be unshackled in a state where a box count keeps rising and internal leaders are still carrying difficulty receiving tests. Georgia does not accommodate a White House’s benchmarks for reopening businesses, and reopening them risks a second call of infections.

Here’s because 9 Georgia business owners are disappearing to take Kemp adult on his offer to free their doors:

“It’s putting economics before lives. [Mr. Kemp’s] putting it out there like he’s doing us a favor, though I’d rather be alive than run my business right now.” —Diane Fall, owner, Maxim Barbers

“We are not going to be a matrix of genocide and suffering.” —Mark Lebos, owner, Strong Gym

“The fact that he pronounced it’s fine to open doesn’t meant that a pathogen delivery is opposite or that reduction people will die. we didn’t rest on his superintendence to close. we certain as ruin won’t be relying on him to tell me when to reopen.” —Tara Villalvazo, owner, Mystic Owl Tattoo

“Georgia is like a guinea pig … Nobody wants a economy to free some-more fast than we do, though not during a cost of deaths of some-more people.” —Christian Favalli, owner, La Grotta restaurant 

“Whoever opens adult in a sauna attention is crazy, we are seeking for it! And who is going to come behind and work? It’s not value a risk.” —Will Ho, owner, Treat Your Feet spa

“We don’t consider [opening to in-person dining is] wise. If there’s not a vaccine, and there are not adequate tests, anybody who comes in a grill might have a COVID-19 virus. There are too many instances we can’t control.” —Bill Mabry, owner, Mr. Everything Cafe

“The pestilence is murdering me and my business, though I’d rather be protected than sorry. we know because Kemp is doing it. He wants a economy to get better. But we don’t wish to put my girls in jeopardy.” —Peiru Kim, owner, Sugarcoat spike salon

“Every emporium is worried. Most of them are not perplexing to open. They’re still concerned. They’re perplexing to wait during slightest another month.” —David Gonzalez, co-owner, Atlanta Tattoo League

“I trust it is too soon. If people indeed start going out, a numbers will spike and it will be as inauspicious here as it was in New York.” —Sherrie Smith, owner, Imperial Hair Salon

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