I Put My Trust (and Hair) in Evan Mock’s Hands


Evan Mock is using his hands by my hair. Technically, he’s ruining it. I’ve finished worse things for men.

Mock is a internet’s skater boyfriend. He has a same endearing cockiness of a renouned core schooler, creation me a uncertain fourteen-year-old lady in this analogy. But Mock is…hot. A complicated king desirable with a shit-eating grin, he’ll make we glow brighter than his signature hair color, string candy pink.

So when a event to hang out with Mock presented itself we was unable to him staining prohibited pinkish “Poser Paint”—the name of that he found hilarious— on my hair like we were pre-gaming for a Vans Warped Tour. What improved approach to cut right to a essence of a male himself?

When it’s over, ELLE.com’s beauty executive Chloe Hall calls my botched color pursuit “amaaaaazing.” Mock responds a approach each teenage lady fears: He boyishly mocks her, and we can’t be 100% certain that you’re in on a joke.

“Anyone who has that many ‘As’ in ‘amazing’ is lying,” he says. But that same certainty is what propelled his career as a multi-hyphenate skater-surfer-model-photographer.

His latest attempt has him front and core as a star of Calvin Klein’s new fragrance, CK EVERYONE. A riff off a iconic CK One, a brand’s newest smell is a jubilee of self-expression and a pulling of boundaries.


Courtesy of a infrequent Frank Ocean shoutout, Mock was plucked from Instagram quasi-fame and launched an general conform career. Within a singular year he went from walking a runway to sitting front quarrel to lending his chiseled baby face to campaigns for brands liek Paco Rabanne, MCM, and Louis Vuitton. He calls A$AP Rocky and Hedi Slimane friends, and he recently shot a ads for Justin Bieber’s conform line Drew House.

Casual for a 22-year-old. To sum it up, he’s cooler than we and he knows it.

Read on for bad father jokes, Mock’s favorite smell, and his biggest mistake to date (girl-related, of course).

So what done we confirm to go pinkish to start with?

It was an impulse, actually. we went immature for one day though we altered it. we did it for a magazine. Didn’t even unequivocally wish to, so we altered it behind a subsequent day. Actually had a fire a subsequent day, too.

Have we had any hardships with going platinum? Learn any lessons?

To not rinse your hair right before we go out with someone.

Have we schooled any other beauty lessons while you’ve been on set? How did we get your skin so good?

I consider we owe it all to my mom, honestly. we don’t unequivocally do anything. we mean, we put moisturizer on. My sister’s always tough on me about doing that. In Hawaii, unequivocally use sunscreen on a face. But we don’t know, we feel like I’m only carrying fun right now. we could be doing things smarter, though I’m not since I’m immature and I’m stupid. I’ll never be means to contend that again. we don’t wish to be regressive and do a right thing all a time. Right now, I’m only carrying fun.


What’s a stupidest mistake you’ve made?

Stupidest mistake would substantially be removing a girlfriend. But like, if we fuck with you, it’s kind of an present tie to where we don’t even consider about anything else. You don’t cause anything in and kind of burst in there. It’s like ‘You’re cold and you’re super hot. You wish to hang?’ Like, ‘Alright, let’s go to dinner. Like, “Oh, what…week.’

Okay. And afterwards it only happens. But a thing is, we can hardly take caring of myself. we can’t be looking over someone else, and they don’t merit to be on a behind burner only chilling. It’s opposite if they’re also super bustling and always relocating as against to them only staying during home watchful for me to come home.

So we don’t have Valentine’s Day skeleton tomorrow?

I have a date with an airplane. I’m going to London currently for some-more [Calvin Klein press]. The comparison we get, a some-more over it we get for holidays. It’s cold customarily to only hang out with your friends.

You’re a new face of CK EVERYONE. How would we report a scent?

It indeed kind of reminds me of home since it’s citrusy. I’m from Hawaii so it kind of only reminds me of being home, that is good since we always wish some arrange of tie to home, like when you’re listening to Hawaiian music. It’s tough to find good Hawaiian food. It’s not everywhere.

What’s your favorite smell? we am repelled during how good my hair looks.

No, this [hair] is fucking atrocious. My favorite smell? My favorite smell ever is right when we get off a craft in Hawaii. Everyone says it, too. They’re like, that’s crazy. You only land and we smell it. People that have never been there who can contend that.

I kind of like how my hair looks unequivocally shitty. This is what we was going for.

I don’t consider it moves. Yeah, we consider it’s stranded in this helmet. It’d be a good Halloween costume.



Our photographer wants to take some shots outside.

Of what? Tequila?

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