I Made a Mushroom Pasta. Now It’s Your Turn.


Bake it! Apple-Walnut Upside-Down Cake


A lot of readers screamed “bed bugs!” “cooties!” when we avowed my mania with grill blankets. we only wish to let y’all know that a restaurants dry purify a blankets often, greatfully chill. If we get too chill, comfortable adult with a good brushed-cotton sweeping during Angler in San Francisco!

So exciting, so overwhelming

As someone generally engaging in poring over your marriage registry and picturing what life is like inside of other people’s homes and hearts, a dropping of Jennifer Lawrence’s ostensible marriage registry on Amazon was a outrageous impulse in my week. It only felt so…fake. I’m certain it’s real, corporate overlords who make associate income from Amazon! The cheery, first-person copy-writing (“Cooking for dual is always some-more fun!”) was blank that famous Jennifer Lawrence snap. Is that A COPPER FONDUE SET? we only wish to let we know, for all we click on and buy from this registry (consider a copper fondue set), Bon Appétit will make a cut. So please, I’m vagrant you, cruise a copper fondue set.

I Made a Mushroom Pasta. Now Its Your Turn.
Photo by Michael Graydon + Nikole Herriott, food styling by Rebecca Jurkevich, column styling by Kalen Kaminski

It’s nug season

A reader (Hi Taylor Kidd!) tagged me recently pity a spirited home stage starring POTATO NUGS, a.k.a. a best recipe from a Thanksgiving emanate final year. Steam-roasted, pub-style potatoes that have a hardness of a deep-fried cloud. Taylor, we believe, lonesome them in gravy, that is only gilding a lily. This is a PSA to remind we it is now varnished potato gob season; act accordingly.

Get a recipe: Burnished Potato Nuggets

I Made a Mushroom Pasta. Now Its Your Turn.
Photo by The Voorhes for The New Yorker

Tell me some-more about Wilbur

It took me 3 days, though Tad Friend’s 6-month stating on a Impossible Burger (and other new beef alternatives) in The New Yorker was riveting and we wish we review it too. I’d progressing discharged Impossible thinking, “They send me too many press releases, we don’t trust that,” and “it’s high in all a bad-for-you artery-clogging ways beef is, because don’t we only eat beans,” though now we get it some-more fully, and it’s good to comprehend your firm philosophy are probably, during slightest a small bit, wrong. “He has a potbellied pig named Wilbur during home that knows how to open a refrigerator” is an out-of-context quote I’ll leave for we here.

Recipe criticism of a week

On Claire’s cake.

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