I Haven’t Worn Pants in 10 Years—Then These Changed My Mind


I speak about my time wearing pants a approach Rose recalls her time on a Titanic: apart memories that finished in tragedy.

Through center and high school, my personal uniform consisted of jeans and rope T-shirts, of a emo/pop-punk genre (shout-out to Dashboard Confessional), with black Converse sneakers or mottled Vans slip-ons. we had a unequivocally specific, ready-for-Warped Tour vibe. Even yet we wore them flattering many each day, jeans were never easy to find for me: we have always struggled with my weight, stopped flourishing plumb during 5’1”, have an intensely prolonged torso and brief legs (24” inseam!), and a flattering prosaic butt—so we didn’t have a ton of options in a days before online shopping. Once we found a span we liked, we bought half a dozen, usually in box they ever stopped creation them.

The final jeans we bought, substantially in 2007, were an early iteration of Old Navy’s rockstar spare jeans (the cropped version, with zippers during a bottom, strike my ankle perfectly), given it was one of a few places in my tiny upstate New York hometown that done incomparable sizes. I’ve always ragged an 18 or 20, and as many as a options for incomparable sizes have modernized, behind afterwards we dreaded only being means to emporium during dedicated plus-size retailers.

My protest of pants happened gradually—I can’t pinpoint a day that we stopped wearing jeans for good, yet it was about a decade ago. we do remember that on one quite wintry day in Plattsburgh, New York (the northern city where we went to college), articulate to one of my friends about it. “You know what we hatred about pants?” we began. The reasons included: how denim gets impossibly cold opposite your skin and stays cold even prolonged after you’ve gotten into a regard of a dorm room with an overactive radiator; how a element seemed to prop when a heat dropped, as if we had stranded them inside a freezer; how, when we wore them, we would mostly have a transparent outline of a reduce line of my stomach and what we felt to be a slight-to-prominent muffin tip during a waistband, that done me feel self-conscious.

First we substituted a jeans for leggings—a change we done mostly since of comfort, yet also since we could find leggings that would travel adult over my swell symbol and well-spoken things down in a approach that was opposite than Spanx or control-top tights. (I wore prolonged shirts and tunics to cover myself all a approach to my crotch—I’d never wish to stress my weight, or an random camel toe—and would wear my jeans good above my swell button, even yet they were done to be low-rise.) we started shopping some-more and some-more prolonged shirts with cinched waists, eventually relocating on to dresses, one or dual during a time. Within a year, elementary T-shirt dresses and elementary skirts had taken over my closet.

Over a years I’ve experimented with some-more patterns (I adore florals now) and styles (midis work as maxis on me and assistance me demeanour taller), and eventually got absolved of all my jeans. we feel some-more confident, professional, and stylish in dresses, and we adore that we can control a approach my physique looks more. we haven’t owned a span of pants with a zipper and button—only 5 matching pairs of trousers from Lane Bryant that we favourite a while behind and bought extras of on sale as backups, that we wear usually when it’s unequivocally cold and snowy.

I started reconsidering my unaccepted anathema on pants when we detected we adore a approach we demeanour in jumpsuits (specifically, a ones that string during a waist and are cropped to be petite-friendly.) Around a same time, we began seeing fun-patterned trousers and festooned denim on strangers on a subway, right as vital brands like Madewell and Loft began expanding into incomparable sizes. we motionless we would take a thrust behind into pants after a decade-long sabbatical. But that compulsory research.

I have to acknowledge that a routine of perplexing on during slightest 40 pairs of pants that we called in or bought, in several sizes, done me wish to quit before we had unequivocally even started. It was easy to get undone with a nuances of sizing—some were approach too tiny on me in my common distance 18, and even in 20, since many of my weight is in my stomach, yet afterwards approach too vast in a thighs and boundary when we attempted a 22—but we eventually detected that, in many of these stores, we was a 20 petite, short, or additional brief (thank you, Torrid!), with some bottoms wise improved altogether during a 22.

Over a past few weeks, I’ve ragged pants roughly each day to a bureau (!) and gotten some-more compliments about my outfits than we have in a dual years I’ve worked there. The ones we adore are so gentle that they do feel identical to leggings: soft, high-waisted, and elastic adequate to pierce around in though them descending down. we still haven’t overhauled my closet to have adequate tops to go with my new jeans, yet again, it’s a process.

Here’s a partial of my tour where we compensate it forward: In my strenuous (and still ongoing) search, we found 14 pants that work for me, a plus-size petite lady who likes a propitious ankle that can be tucked into a vast collection of ankle boots. But many of them also come in unchanging and prolonged sizes, so we wish this helps we find a pants of your dreams. Check ’em out.

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