I Found a #1 Summer Top on Madewell Right Now (and It’s $35)


One of a perks of spending large hours online for work is that I can mark new gems the impulse they arrive on a retailer’s website. Every once in a while, something stops me in my marks while scrolling—something that truly stands out from a pack, is well-priced, and sets off sellout-worthy alarm bells in my mind. And that, my friends, leads me to my favorite Madewell item.

Madewell’s Gingham Bow-Front Tee, now on sale for $35, does what really few brands have finished for me lately: Convince me that we need another T-shirt. For starters, a gingham settlement aligns with one of the biggest summer imitation trends right now. But of course, one demeanour during this tip and you’ll know what’s a best details: a lovable bows down a middle. Scroll down to emporium a T-shirt that stopped me in my marks as good as my other Madewell picks. 

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