Huawei Android phones won’t see Google apps lapse any time soon


The anathema on US companies traffic with Chinese mobile manufacturer Huawei has been extended until May 2021, scuppering a firm’s hopes of bringing Google apps behind to a Android phones.

The sequence comes true from a top, with President Donald Trump fluctuating a anathema on Google and other US firms charity a hardware/software tech to Huawei or ZTE (via Reuters). Trump initial sealed an executive sequence in May 2019 and has now extended it for a serve year. As such a US supervision will continue to shorten Huawei’s efforts to use US-made tech though demonstrate permission.

Because Android is open source, Huawei still uses a bare-bones chronicle of a handling system, though can't entrance any of a Google Mobile Services apps such as Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube.

That’s been a vital blow to a company, that has turn one of a many renouned smartphone manufacturers in a universe over a final few years. The anathema stems from US suspicions that Huawei might be regulating a purpose as a telecommunications provider in sequence to perform espionage on interest of a Chinese government.

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Those accusations have never been proven, with many observers suspecting a association is being used as a negotiate chip in a broader trade brawl between a United States and China.

Although new phones like a Huawei P40 operation are offered though Google apps, a association is anticipating ways around a US ban. Just yesterday it announced a second re-release of a Huawei P30 Pro smartphone, that is free from a ban. It still offers entrance to all of those Google apps so preferred by Android users.

There are, of course, ways around a anathema for Huawei users who have turn skilful during side-loading a APKs of a vital apps onto their phones. It isn’t something Google recommends, though it works a provide if we can’t live though that Google Maps fix.

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