How to use Google Meet for free


From currently onwards, we can use Google Meet for free. If you’re not informed with it, Meet is a really renouned video chatting app, though until now it’s usually been accessible to profitable customers. If we imagination perplexing it out, here’s how to use Meet for free.

Google Meet requirements

You need to have a Google comment in sequence to start a Google Meet call − if we don’t already have a Google account, environment one adult doesn’t take prolonged − though we don’t need a Google comment in sequence to join a Google Meet call that somebody else has set up.

You can start or join Meet calls possibly on a Meet website, or around a Meet apps for iOS and Android.

Is Google Meet free?

From May 4, Google is creation Meet giveaway to access. But it’ll be a light process. If we haven’t got a giveaway choice yet, we shouldn’t have to wait long. You can pointer adult here to get a presentation when it does turn accessible to you.

The paid Meet tiers will continue to exist, with a operation of modernized − and mostly business-focused − features. Pricing starts during £4.60 per user per month, and goes all a approach adult to £20 per user per month.

Google Meet limits

The giveaway chronicle of Meet is flattering inexhaustible with both a time and member limits.

Each assembly can reason adult to 100 participants, and you’ll be means to see adult to 16 of them on your shade during once.

Meetings will primarily have a 24-hour time limit. However, this will change on Oct 1, when a 60-minute extent will come into force.

Houseparty doesn’t contend what a boundary are, though Meet compares agreeably with Zoom, that also has a 100-person ability though imposes a 40-minute extent on giveaway video calls.

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Google Meet security

Google is perplexing to compute Meet from Zoom and Houseparty by articulate adult a confidence facilities and remoteness credentials.

It’s attempted to make it formidable for trolls to steal Meet calls by regulating assembly IDs that are 25 characters long, and by usually permitting people to join a assembly adult to 15 mins in advance, thereby “reducing a window in that a beast force conflict can even be attempted”.

Furthermore, anyone who tries to join a assembly though an invitation has to ask entry.

Unlike Zoom and Houseparty, Meet calls are encrypted. However, they’re not end-to-end-encrypted, that means there’s no pledge that their calm will be stable from Google itself.

How to start a Google Meet meeting

To start a Meet meeting, glow adult a Meet website or app, strike ‘Join or start a meeting’, emanate a name for a meeting, and strike ‘Continue’, afterwards ‘Join now’.

You can supplement people to it possibly by selecting ‘Copy fasten info’ and pasting and emailing a sum out, or by attack ‘Add people’.

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How to report a Google Meet call

You can report a Meet call in Google Calendar. Just emanate an event, strike ‘Add guests’ on a Guests tab, enter a scold email addresses, afterwards strike ‘Save’ and ‘Send’.

How to flog people out of a Google Meet meeting

Hopefully this doesn’t happen, though if we ever need to flog somebody off your call, go to ‘People’ on a right-hand of a discuss interface, strike a behind arrow that appears subsequent to a chairman we wish to remove, afterwards name ‘Remove’.

How to share shade on Google Meet

If we need to share anything on your shade during a Meet chat, strike a ‘Present now’ symbol in a bottom-right corner, and name a right choice from a list that appears, name your calm and strike ‘Share’.

When you’re done, strike ‘Stop Presenting’.

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