How to stop Facebook tracking your web browsing


You don’t have to be regulating Facebook for Facebook to be means to lane you. In fact, websites and apps that seem to have zero to do with Facebook are substantially promulgation sum about we to Facebook right now. Fortunately, we’ve put together this beam to stop Facebook tracking your web browsing.

Off-Facebook Activity is a apparatus that lists all a apps and websites that are sensitively feeding your information to Facebook.

Facebook uses this information for promotion purposes, and to “help businesses and organizations know how their website, app or ads are behaving and either they’re reaching a right people” − a deliberately vaguely worded word that could meant only about anything.

However, we can force these apps and websites to stop joining all of this information to your Facebook account, interlude Facebook from tracking your web browsing.

How to find out who’s promulgation your information to Facebook

To find out that apps and websites are promulgation your information to Facebook, go to Settings Your Facebook Information Off-Facebook Activity Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity.

Enter your Facebook password, and you’ll be presented with a list that might be distant longer than we expected.

The initial time we used a tool, my list had some-more than 500 entries on it.

How to undo your off-Facebook activity

You can undo this information from your Facebook comment by clicking a ‘Clear History’ symbol during a tip of a page. Though before doing this, we might wish to bravery adult some bravery and excavate deeper into a data, by clicking any particular inventory and attack Download Activity Details.

There is one downside to disconnecting your off-Facebook activities from your Facebook account, though. If we were logged in to any apps or websites by your Facebook account, such as Spotify or Tinder, you’ll automatically be logged out of them.

If we were to record into these services again by your Facebook account, they’ll start promulgation sum about your off-Facebook activities to Facebook again. We’d advise that we don’t record in to them by your Facebook comment − use your email residence instead.

How to switch off off-Facebook activity for all apps and websites

We’d also suggest going one step serve by switching off your destiny off-Facebook activity for all apps and websites.

You can do this by going to Settings Your Facebook Information Off-Facebook Activity More Options Manage Future Activity Manage Future Activity, afterwards spin a Future Off-Facebook Activity toggle off.

It’ll take 48 hours for your off-Facebook activities to be away from your Facebook account, so we should check a Off-Facebook Activity territory of Facebook again a integrate of days later, to make certain that zero new has been fed Facebook’s way.

Third-party websites and apps that use any of Facebook’s business collection will continue to send sum of your off-Facebook activities to Facebook, though this information will no longer be related to your Facebook account.

And a ads we see on Facebook will be formed on your on-Facebook activities, rather than your activities on other apps and websites.

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