How to demeanour as good as John Legend


He’s a male behind large belters and tearjerkers such as “All Of Me”, “Ordinary People” and “Glory”, a other half of Twitter favourite Chrissy Teigen, and one of a name few to have reached EGOT status, definition he has won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony. But John Legend is also, undeniably, an impossibly well-put-together man.

Since a recover of “Ordinary People” in 2004 Legend has turn a unchanging during a biggest and best-dressed events of a year (including a possess Men Of The Year Awards). He’s always got his outfits down, with a behind catalog of multicolored Paul Smith numbers and Alexander McQueen suits, and he’s also during one with his bathing regimen.

Luckily for you, he let us demeanour inside his washbag to find out what goes into creation an EGOT shine…

My mother buys me my washbag. My washbag is always by Tom Ford and we know it’s Tom Ford by a zipper: big, bullion and with his name on it. My mother buys me them all: laptop bags, duffle bags, washbags.

Speaking of Tom Ford, he does my favourite fragrance. If we occur to smell me, or are hapless adequate to get tighten adequate to smell me, afterwards I’ll smell of Tom Ford Black Orchid. It’s my go-to incense and we feel finish when we travel out a residence with this on. we adore it.

The facial products are all from my doctor, Dr Lancer. He’s a big-time dermatologist in Beverly Hills. we use a clarification rinse each morning, though before that we use a polish. It’s a dumpy so has that exfoliating thing going on. After that we use a product by Lancer called [The Method:] Nourish, that is a moisturiser and keeps your face moist. we also use Lancer’s Sheer Fluid Sun Shield, since we need to make certain you’re not removing too most object on your skin, since it’s not good for it. This is SPF 30. we have a few some-more products by Dr Lancer, though these are a basics.

I use Aveda’s Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss in my hair. we use this to make it glossy, glossy and make it demeanour good and moist. It gives it a small glaze for a camera.

I also use SK-II Pitera Miracle Essence. If we saw a debate we did final year with a really humorous and musically gifted James Corden, it was all about this product. This hint is good – we mist it on your face and it creates we feel uninformed and will leave we prepared for anything we competence have to face.

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