How to get Al Pacino’s sharp hair in The Godfather


Al Pacino knows how to demeanour good both on- and off-screen. His personal character is elementary and loose (have a demeanour by his 1990s outings and you’ll see what we mean). But on-screen, he takes things a bit some-more seriously: pinstripe suits and matter collared shirts in Scarface, bend belts and bullet vests in Heat and pale (yet luxurious) tailoring in The Godfather

Turn, specifically, your courtesy to a latter film, since in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 masterpiece Al Pacino served some-more than a elementary character lesson. He also showed how to demeanour immaculately neat by approach of a sharp, slicked-back haircut he modelled as Michael Corleone. 

Sure, it looks elementary enough, though this was during a time when longer locks, moustaches and mullets were holding a universe by storm, so we’ve got to extol Pacino for adhering to what he knew best. Cool and controlled, it really ticks a boxes for a stay-at-home bathing regimes today.

All we need to grasp it are a right products, so we called adult GQ Barber Joe Mills (of Joe And Co) and asked for his tip suggestions.

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GQ: Al Pacino was a godfather of bathing in a 1970s. Do we have any tips on how to get his Michael Corleone cut and a best products for styling it? 

Joe Mills: Classic and understated, Al Pacino’s braid in The Godfather is a ideal quarantine statement. It’s a simple, layered cut – we wish a hair to tumble only off a ears and collar. The behind and sides are layered into a neck and a tip is longer –  ideally 4 inches – though we consider if we had some-more length it would work improved and reason a shape.

You can character this in dual ways. The simplest approach is to initial of all rinse your hair with Baxter’s Shampoo and Conditioner. Then, on damp hair, request Kevin Murphy’s Super Goo (a 2p-sized volume to start with, as we can always supplement more). Work this by all a hair and afterwards take your brush and sharp it back. 

£26.09. At

£28.95. At



In a film, Pacino infrequently wears this cut with a interruption and infrequently without. If we wish a parting, use your brush to emanate it on a healthy side it falls. Once you’ve slicked it back, leave it to dry in place.

The second approach is to towel dry purify hair as above and them request Triumph Disaster’s Karekare Tonic – 3 to 4 blasts is perfect. After doing this, regulating your brush and hair dryer, blow dry a hair behind off a face. Ideally, dry it true and make certain a behind and sides are unconditional back.



£299.99. At John Lewis.

Once your hair is dry, confirm if we wish a interruption as well. we suggest requesting possibly Baxter’s Grooming Cream (a 2p volume by a hair) for a reduction sharp demeanour or Triumph Disaster’s Ponsonby Pomade for some-more shimmer and shine. Again, start with a 2pm volume here as we can always boost it. 

£18. At Selfridges.


Finally, use your brush to character it behind and, voila, bathing godfather here we come. 

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