How to Get a New Apple Watch Series 5 for Free


An Apple Watch is one of a best tech investments we can make, something that some-more and some-more people are anticipating out. But while Apple’s wearables are great, they don’t always come cheap.

Luckily, ATT has a new Special Offer that could net we one of a newest Apple Watches for giveaway with a integrate of caveats. That creates it a good offer for stream subscribers and people deliberation switching to a carrier.

Specifically, a conduit is charity adult to $500 off a second Apple Watch when we squeeze dual on subordinate installment plans. That bonus is practical as check credits during a length of your installment agreement.

The graduation privately relates to Apple’s latest wearables: a Apple Watch Series 4 and a Apple Watch Series 5. That means we can get a latest and biggest of Apple’s wearable tech for a poignant discount.

As is common with conduit promotions, there are some mandate to be authorised for a offer.

  1. You’ll need to buy dual Apple Watches that are during slightest $299.99 on an installment plan.
  2. You’ll need to compensate a taxes and a $30 activation cost on any device during checkout.
  3. You’ll need to supplement during slightest one new line of use and activate postpaid use for any Apple Watch. (That’s a smallest of $10 a month per line.)
  4. The offer relates to an ascent and a new line, or dual new lines. You won’t be means to get it if you’re upgrading dual lines.
  5. ATT records that existent business could supplement a offer to stream plans, that might finish adult cheaper in a prolonged run.
  6. The limit bonus won’t surpass a cost of a lower-priced device or $500, whichever we strike first.
  7. If we cancel use before a finish of a contract, you’ll be obliged for profitable a full cost of both devices.

Despite those flattering customary caveats, a understanding is one of a best that we’ve seen on Apple’s latest wearables. You can buy dual Apple Watch Nike Series 5 inclination — maybe one for we and one for a desired one — and fundamentally only compensate for one.

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