How to find 4K calm on Disney Plus − not utterly as elementary as you’d think


Disney Plus has strictly launched in a UK, and we wish to make certain you’re prepared to get a many out of a long-awaited use right from a off. Here’s how to find 4K calm on Disney Plus.

Unlike Netflix, Disney Plus usually offers one subscription tier, and it includes 4K calm − some-more than 100 titles, according to a company. However, tracking Disney Plus’ 4K calm down isn’t as elementary as attack a add-on or typing “4K” into a hunt tool.

In fact, acid “4K” won’t move adult a singular result.

disney and 4k search

Instead, you’ll need to corkscrew down − utterly far, it should be pronounced − a categorical Disney Plus alighting page.

Squeezed in between a ‘Nostalgic Movies’ and ‘Animals and Nature’ sections is a quarrel labelled ‘Ultra HD and HDR’. Bingo!

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disney and 4k territory main

Strangely though, there isn’t a good understanding of calm in here. Just 24 titles, in fact.

However, we you’ll expose a most bigger library of 4K calm by diving into a ‘Movies’ territory (depending on what form of device you’re using, we might find this during a tip of a categorical alighting page, or in a sidebar or other such menu).

Here, we can filter by ‘Ultra HD and HDR’, and a distant incomparable preference of 4K Disney Plus cinema will seem − 82 titles by my count.

disney and 4k movies

Oddly, during a time of essay a 1974 film The Bears and I is listed as a 4K HDR pretension here, though when we click by to watch it it fast becomes apparent that it shouldn’t be.

Stranger still is a fact that we can’t use this same process to find 4K TV shows. Though there is a dedicated TV shows section, a list of filters here does not embody ‘Ultra HD and HDR’.

Here’s the full Disney Plus UK calm list

disney and tv shows section

It’s a clunky system, that Disney hopefully improves in a nearby future.

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