How to change your Twitter username


Your username is your personal identifier on Twitter. It’s how people find we and how they hit you, that is because it’s so critical that we select something we like. Thankfully, distinct your username on some amicable media sites (looking during you, Snapchat), your Twitter hoop is not permanent. Read on to find out how to change your Twitter username.

On Twitter, your username is a name used to record into your account, hunt your form and accept replies and approach messages from other users. This isn’t to be mistaken for your arrangement name, that can underline black and emojis and does not need to be unique. Your arrangement name is also a best place to dump your genuine name if we arrived too late to explain it as a username. Your Twitter username can be adult to 15 characters long, while your arrangement name can be adult to 50 characters long.

Twitter has been around for over a decade now, and a username we picked out during 13 competence not be a one we wish to be compared with now. Luckily, both your hoop and arrangement name can be altered during any time. Read on to find out how to change your Twitter username.

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How to change your Twitter username

On desktop:

  • Click a 3 dot menu in a navigation menu
  • Click on ‘Settings and privacy’
  • Locate ‘Account’ and enter your new hoop underneath ‘Username’
  • Click ‘Save’

On iOS and Android:

  • Tap on your icon
  • Tap ‘Settings and privacy’
  • Tap ‘Account’
  • Tap ‘Username’ and enter your new hoop underneath ‘New’
  • Tap ‘Done’

It is critical to note that changing your username is not a same as formulating a new account. It does not impact your existent followers, approach messages or replies.

Abandoning your prior name will also leave it open for other users to claim, so make certain this is something we unequivocally wish to do if we won a lottery and managed to register your genuine name in 2006.

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How to change your Twitter arrangement name

On desktop, iOS and Android:

  • Open your Twitter profile
  • Choose ‘Edit profile’
  • Enter your new arrangement name underneath ‘Name’

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