How to change your Facebook cue and keep your comment secure


While it competence seem like a good thought to set one noted cue opposite all your amicable media, doing so can indeed leave your accounts exposed to hackers. It is critical to refurbish your amicable media passwords frequently to keep them secure, that is because we’ve put together this beam to uncover we how to change your Facebook password.

Whether you’ve lost your final cue or are only due to update, Facebook recommends we bear a few things in mind when it comes to formulating a new password. The amicable network advises your cue be prolonged and easy for we to remember though formidable for others to guess. It also recommends that we equivocate passwords we use for other accounts, such as your email or bank account, and that we do not embody personal information others will know, such as your email, phone series or birthday.

If you’re disturbed about gripping lane of your passwords, we can use a cue manager to beget and store high-security passwords for you. Check out a best cue managers beam to find out some-more and examination on to find out how to change your Facebook password.

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How to change your Facebook password

If you’re logged in:

  • Click a down arrow in a tip right
  • Click ‘Settings Privacy’ (those regulating Classic Facebook instead of New Facebook can skip this step)
  • Select ‘Settings’
  • Click ‘Security and Login’
  • Find ‘Change password’ and click ‘Edit’
  • Enter your stream cue and your new password
  • Click ‘Save Changes’

If you’re logged in to your comment though have lost your password, follow a above stairs though click ‘Forgot your password?’.

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If you’ve lost your cue and found yourself sealed out of your account, we will need to reset your password. Here’s how.

If you’re logged out:

  • Click ‘Forgotten account’ or go directly to a Find Your Account page
  • Enter a email address, phone number, full name or username compared with your account
  • Click ‘Search’
  • Follow a instructions on shade to redeem your account

How to beget a one-time password

If you’re in a conditions in that we don’t feel gentle entering your cue (such as a library or internet cafe), Facebook indeed has an choice to beget a proxy formula that will let we record in firmly but exposing your genuine password.

One-time passwords can't be used some-more than once and need we to insert your phone series to your account. They also will not be accessible if we have two-factor authentication switched on.

Here’s how to beget a one-time password:

  • Send an SMS with a summary ‘otp’ to 32665 (O2, Vodafone and Cable Wireless)
  • You will accept a singular 6-character proxy password
  • Enter this formula in a ‘Password’ territory during a Facebook login screen

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