How to Build a Pretty Macrobiotic Meal Like a Jewelry Designer


In “One Good Meal,” we ask cooking-inclined artistic people to share a story behind a favorite plate they indeed make and eat during home on a unchanging basement — and not only when they’re perplexing to impress.

While a valuables engineer Anna Sheffield was flourishing adult in Albuquerque, N.M., in a 1980s, cooking was always a supportive time, in partial since she deliberate sport and fishing to be murder. Even her home state’s signature delicacy, green chile stew, typically came filled with beef or pork. After she went vegetarian during 16, she endured a pre-internet epoch when interesting, meat-free recipes were harder to find. “Your customary dragon play is such a classical vegetarian macrobiotic meal,” Sheffield, 45, says of a dish, that combines vegetables, protein and sauce. “Once you’ve eaten it for 20 years, you’re a small wearied with a simple brown-rice version.” Recently, she has remade a commune tack into a some-more beautiful, sundry plate desirous by a juxtapositions of her jewelry.