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How Painting with Apple Pencil May Soon ‘Feel’ More Realistic Than Ever

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The Apple Pencil allows users to write, pull or illustrate on their iPads – and while it does so intensely well, it’s not but a limitations. Luckily, Apple seems to be building several facilities and accessories that could make a destiny Apple Pencil even some-more versatile for artists and illustrators.

A obvious recently postulated to Apple, published on Thursday and initial speckled by Patently Apple, lays out a few probable examples.

Turn an Apple Pencil into an Apple Paintbrush

The obvious sum how an transmutable tip could radically spin an Apple Pencil into an Apple Paintbrush. Specifically, it describes a tip with “flexible hit members” that are able of “independently flexing relations to one another.” In other words, a brush-like accessory.

While it describes a paintbrush in a typically unenlightened denunciation of patents, it’s flattering clearly describing how a brush connection could concede an iPad to magnitude individual bristles. That could concede it to impersonate a normal paintbrush, including determining paint upsurge in an image.

The obvious goes a step serve than that, too. While it doesn’t categorically infer that Apple will entrance a array of transmutable tips for a destiny Apple Pencil, it does advise that haptic feedback could be leveraged to make opposite tips “feel” some-more like genuine sketch utensils.

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“Feel” a Painting Sensations

As a obvious puts it, “haptic feedback can engage a transformation, displacement, oscillation, quivering or alteration of a physique of element (e.g., substrate).”

In layman’s terms, a destiny Apple Pencil and iPad combo could use haptic feedback to yield synthetic sensations that could closely impersonate regulating opposite sketch collection on opposite materials.

Basically, a “marker” tip might feel some-more like sketch with an tangible marker, providing a opposite feedback response from a “pencil” tip.

Presumably, a haptic feedback could extend to opposite forms of art media — simulating opposite forms of paper or other surfaces that an artist might pull upon.

Of course, patents don’t give any denote when a record they report might debut. More than that, Apple files a lot of patents that it never ends adult regulating in consumer-facing products. But an Apple Pencil with transmutable tips and a some-more true-to-life sketch knowledge would be both critical boons to artists, painters and iPad Pro creatives everywhere.